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This is my first report for The Real News on my current trip to Greece. At the gates of the Athens Polytechnic, site of the November 1973 uprising against a U.S.-backed military junta, we ask people living in Athens to respond to Greek government suggestions that Greece’s austerity-battered economy is improving.

Quote of note: “What the government is talking about is that people got used to the idea of being poor. That’s very different from saying that things are getting better. The thing is that this whole thing happened obviously for them to manage to keep wages as low as possible. And they’ve obviously managed to do that. The minimum wage now is, I think, 540 euros a month, and there’s no way someone could live in Athens with this amount of money in his pocket. And this is especially hard on young people and older people. These are the people who’ve been hit more than anybody else from this situation.”

My report can be seen here:

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