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In 2006, the scandal-plagued Liberal Party of Canada opened the door to the far-right Conservative government of the now discredited Stephen Harper.

In 2018, the scandal-plagued Liberal Party of Ontario opened the door to the far-right “Progressive” Conservative government of Doug Ford.

As I discuss with Sharmini Peries of The Real News, Canada’s Liberals seem to have a perverse talent for creating the conditions in which far-right candidates can win:


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  • Glyn Hotz

    Really good interview you should post it on FB if you haven’t yet. I think with Russia you’re right but he’s seeing them as an ally in many senses, like containment in the Middle East, where his response in Syria was cleared with Russia first, as in we have to be seen to be doing something. Meantime he’s moving further from Canada, tariffs, anger over Omar Khadr, lax border security and Syrian refugees. Criticizing the US for its refugee policy last year, saying Canada would welcome refugees etc. Bitumen trade to Asia etc. Going to be a problem. Trump will get exasperated. Trudeau can’t really do anything. The economy here is too weak already.

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