Indonesian Authorities Punish Peaceful Refugee Protesters at Balikpapan Detention Centre

Six weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Ehsanullah Sahil, an Afghan refugee who has been unjustly interned for four years in Indonesia’s Balikpapan detention centre.

At the time, Ehsanullah and his fellow refugee inmates had peacefully protested for 100 straight days to demand their freedom and dignity.

For The Real News, I spoke to Eshanullah again this week. As he explains, some inmates have been released since he and I first spoke but the vast majority remain interned with no end in sight. Even worse, Indonesian authorities have adopted punitive measures in an apparent attempt to deter further peaceful protests by those who remain unjustly imprisoned.

Despite the punitive measure, the inmates have continued to peacefully demand their freedom.

My interview of Ehsanullah can be seen here:


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