‘Apartheid Israel’ Goes Mainstream: A Conversation Between Dr. David Harel and David Kattenburg

In this excellent interview, Dr. David Harel, the Vice-President of Israel’s Academy of Sciences and Humanities, tells Canadian journalist David Kattenburg that Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territories is a “disease” and that all Israeli governments have contributed to making peace with Palestinians “virtually impossible.”

Dr. Harel also states that, in the occupied territories, there is “no doubt whatsoever” that Israel is practising “apartheid, there is no better word for it”. (In international law, the crime of apartheid is the second-worst crime against humanity, surpassed in gravity only by genocide.)

Even more remarkably, Dr. Harel urges the Israeli government to negotiate with Hamas and to end the “cruel” siege of Gaza.

He concludes by calling on other states to impose on Israel carefully crafted cultural, academic and economic sanctions before Israel falls into an abyss.

David Kattenburg’s discussion with Dr. Harel can be heard here:


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