How Ann Wright, Former US Army Colonel and Diplomat, Became a Peace Activist

In Naples, Italy, I recently spoke to former U.S. Army Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright.

Ms. Wright was in Naples to support the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

During our conversation, she stated: “the Palestinians are leading the way. When you see what the people in Gaza have done over the last two months, where they are taking to the fences every Friday on the Great Return March, I mean, that is astounding. That you have tens of thousands of of people in Gaza who are going to the fence to sit, the majority of them sitting, looking over into, into Israel, to let the Israelis know, look at all of us. Look at all of us. You know, we are human beings. You are caging us in. And of course there are some, some of the younger ones that have gone up to the fence, they’re the ones that have been shot. Over 130 people have been assassinated, executed. I mean, the Israeli military says yes, we know every single person that we have killed. We are doing it. We intend to. And then the maiming of thousands of people, purposely shooting them in the legs so that they will always be disabled for the rest of their lives. That shows real courage for tens of thousands of people from Gaza to say to the world, you have to get the Israelis to top this open-air prison that we have. You have to force them to show some respect for us, to show- we are human beings. Se are human beings. And that’s, that’s why we have these flotillas, that we as internationals say we, we don’t forget you. We remember you. We are sailing, and we will sail till Gaza and Palestine is free. We will continue to challenge the Israeli blockade, the criminal blockade. And, as an American citizen, we will continue to challenge the U.S. policies that support Israel and its ability to conduct these criminal acts.”

Our discussion can be seen here:

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