After Al Awda is Hijacked by Israel’s Navy, Passengers of The Freedom Call on World Governments to Protect Palestinian Human Rights

Earlier today, after Al Awda, the lead vessel of the Freedom Flotilla, was hijacked in international waters by the Israeli navy, I managed to speak to Ellen Hansson, a passenger on The Freedom, by satellite phone.

The Freedom is behind Al Awda by a few hundred miles and is now hours away from Gaza.

Ellen (pictured above) is a musician and student from Sweden. She says that she is sailing with the Freedom Flotilla because she believes all persons, no matter where they live, should have their human rights.

This is a podcast of my conversation with Ellen:


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  1. Zara Ali

    So what if it was hijacked in international waters… Zionist Deep State owns the globe, doesn’t it? Honestly how long is the global population going to keep its eyes closed to the plight of Palestinians… the champions of human rights in the global power centers… where are they all when it comes to Israel…?


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