Honduran Security Forces Tear-Gas International Human Rights Delegation

Last week, I and five other members of an international human rights delegation attended a blockade in the city of El Progreso in Honduras.

The blockade had been erected by protesters who are peacefully resisting the radically neoliberal policies of Honduras’s illegitimate President, Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH).

As I and other members of the delegation were gathering information from protesters, Honduran riot police rained tear gas down on our delegation and the protesters.

For the Real News Network, this is my report of what happened:


The other members of our delegation were Professor Michael Berghoef of Ferris State University, Pedro Cabezas of the Central American Alliance Against Mining, Associate Professor Amanda Grzyb of Western University, Professor Emeritus Bernie Hammond of Western University, Ainhoa Montoya, a Lecturer at the University of London, and Matias Santiago of El Progreso Radio.


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  1. David Desrochers BIM Dissenter

    Dimitri…you are an amazing man standing up for David in so many David & Goliath issues! Total admiration! THANK YOU!

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