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June 24, 2019

Today, as Justin Trudeau walked to the podium at an event in Montreal celebrating la Fête nationale du Québec, I told Mr. Trudeau that Canada’s arms sales to the monstrous Saudi autocracy have rendered him complicit in the Saudi genocide in Yemen.

This is the video of my disruption:

[wpvideo A3g06YmL]


Meanwhile, author and activist Yves Engler denounced the Prime Minister for his government’s relentless efforts to subvert the elected government of Venezuela.

This is the video of Mr. Engler’s disruption:

[wpvideo Ok0eAIak]


As Mr. Trudeau walked by us, he glanced back at us and said “I’m glad to see that the NDP showed up.”

(Video credit: Achille Lascaris).




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  • ralphiesmom

    Thanks for doing this, Dimitri. Trudeau! Talking of monsters!! Couldn’t hear Yves call out at all, tho.

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