Canada’s Trudeau Government Uses RCMP Officers To Stifle Dissent

For The Real News, I spoke yesterday to author/activist Yves Engler about attempts by Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police to intimidate Yves.
This past week, two RCMP officers went to Yves’s home twice in 24 hours to interrogate Yves about his recent, peaceful interventions at public speeches by Canada’s Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

As Yves explains in this interview, he does not know how the RCMP obtained his home address, nor is there any justification for RCMP officers coming to his home rather than contacting Yves by telephone or via social media to arrange for an interview. Yves argues that the RCMP’s appearance at his home is a transparent attempt to deter him from expressing his opposition to the Liberal government’s morally bankrupt foreign policies.

Has the RCMP become Justin Trudeau’s speech police?

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  1. Arrby

    I HATE fascists!!! I hate bullies and liars and murderers and exploiters. I HATE criminals!!! Got that RCMP? You’re criminals. You work for a fascist State within the US-led Corporatocracy, an utterly undemocratic, fascist entity. If you do so willingly and knowingly, then you have the Biblical mark of the wild beast and lying to your kids about Santa won’t help you.


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