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My goal is to unite progressives across Canada under the Green Party banner. To keep up with my campaign, please visit my campaign site at / www.É

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I announced my campaign on March 11th:

Shortly after my launch, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across Canada. In response, my team and I produced Dimitri Live, a live video series about issues surfaced by the pandemic, including mental health and addiction, domestic violence, the experiences of Indigenous people and Black Canadians, and the approach and experiences of Cuba. The sixth episode discussed how we can build a more caring society as we emerge from COVID-19.

I’ve also called on our government to defend the rights of average Canadians by bailing out oil workers rather than oil executives, and by ensuring that all Canadians can pay for essentials during COVID-19.

My campaign has been endorsed by former party leader Joan Russow along with previous candidates and members of the party’s shadow cabinet.

To keep up with my campaign, please follow my campaign updates or keep up on my campaign website at / www.É

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