The Future of Canada’s Green Party: A Discussion with Leadership Candidates at McGill University

On March 10, 2020, I and fellow Green Party leadership candidates David Merner and Dylan Perceval-Maxwell discussed the future of the Green Party with Young Greens at McGill University.

Our lively discussion, the full video of which appears below, covered a broad range of topics, including diversity, eco-socialism, fiscal responsibility, gun control, Quebec’s Bill 21 and reproductive rights.

For ease of reference, I have included below a list of the questions that audience members asked and have provided time codes for each question.

I encourage Green Party members and those who are contemplating becoming members to listen in on this informative discussion.


  1. Introductory Speeches: 1:08
  2. Where should the Green Party stand on the left-right political spectrum? 16:15
  3. How can the Green Party attract the youth vote? 23:30
  4. How will you as leader help to grow the party and what internal structural changes would you make to the party? 31:24
  5. How do you plan to attract progressive voters? 39:15
  6. Is capitalism at the core of the climate emergency? 54:15
  7. Considering the importance of diversity, why did you decide to run instead of throwing your support behind a qualified candidate who is a member of a marginalized community? 1:03:07
  8. How do you feel about the federal government confronting provinces, particularly on issues like Bill 21 in Quebec? 1:11:46
  9. Should the federal government commit so much money to providing free post-secondary education when we are confronted by a climate emergency? 1:17:55
  10. How do you plan to help local communities and public interest organizations deal with issues like poverty? 1:29:44
  11. If we avoid using labels to describe ourselves [for example, “eco-socialist”, then how will we communicate to voters what we stand for and inspire them to vote Green? 1:36:12

1 Comment

  1. TheMerowe

    Oh, well, head and shoulders above, Mr.Lascaris, in terms of clarity of position, and what that position was; fellow to your immediate left polished, intelligent, useful contributions but an iredeemable centrist, his timidity won’t cut it. Incoherent chap in green t-shirt and black watchcap, voice of privilege, not credible, shouldn’t have been on the stage at all, lowered the tone. But carry on! Important work.


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