Running for the Leadership of the Green Party of Canada: A Conversation with Phil Taylor of CIUT Radio

I spoke recently with Phil Taylor of CIUT Radio, the University of Toronto’s community radio station, about running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.

I hope you will listen to our wide-ranging discussion about the COVID-19 crisis, the climate emergency and Canadian foreign policy.

Our discussion can be heard here:



  1. Arrby

    Dimitri: Politicians are gangsters. Are you sure about this?


    • dimitrilascaris

      Whatever one may think about politicians, we cannot make the changes that are urgently needed unless those who are advocating for those changes play a major role in government.


      • Arrby

        I actually think it would be easy to show that you are wrong. But I won’t do that, mainly because I don’t want to badger someone I respect. Take care.


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