In The Age Of Trump, Canada’s Trudeau Government Pursues An ‘America First’ Foreign Policy

Today, I spoke with Zain Raza of acTVism Munich, one of Germany’s leading independent media organizations, about the Trudeau Government’s ‘America First’ foreign policy, the COVID-19 crisis in Canada and the United States, and the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of “fiscal conservatism.”

You can listen to our discussion here:


  1. lonely rico

    Very good interview. The pretense of Canada’s foreign policies being for justice and peace is right over the top hypocrisy. The Canadian government favours corporate interests and the powerful, tough luck for the powerless, poor and oppressed .
    I think Dimitri Lascaris is going to run for leader of the Green Party of Canada, although this is not shown on the Green Party’s website(?) If this is the case, I encourage everyone who wishes a truly just Canadian foreign policy as well as real engagement with the climate crisis and social justice in Canada, to join the party to support his candidacy.
    Bravo Dimitri!

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    • dimitrilascaris

      Yes, I am running for the leadership. Thanks for your words of support!

      In order to become an official candidate for the Green Party leadership, I must file my nomination papers. I plan to do that in the next couple of weeks.

      Peace, Dimitri


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