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On April 11, I spoke with Harrison Samphir of Canadian Dimension about my campaign for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.

As I explained to Harrison, I believe that the best way for the Green Party to win the hearts and minds of Canadian progressives is to champion the cause of social justice.

This is the podcast of our discussion:


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  • Youri Smouter

    brilliant interview Dimtri! I really hope you become leader of the GPC. The Greens are toast in the UK and I don’t think they’ll make any signifacent waves at all in the US and sadly if the Greens have Howie Hawkins as their leader i’m afraid they’ll fall into irrelevancy and punished the way Sanders and Tulsi supporters will punish the Democrats for propping up Joe Biden and they themselves for capitulating to the establishment. The Greens throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand all face a crisis of legitimacy and their sincerity questioned I see your leadership for the Greens in Canada a shining light and if you are able to become leader some hope will be restored in me at least in the Canadian dimension (pun intended semi) I know you’ll be a voice of reason if your able to get into parliament, and future debates for Prime Minister you’ll be a voice for reason and do much needed education and truthtelling and mythbustting.
    Quick question sorry for that long rant and praise hehe! I read this article a friend from America posted and she was praising the Canadian government’s response and I told her anything praising Trudeau and anything coming out the Liberal Governments and the media that uncritically recycle his PR (as with all previous Prime Ministers) should be met with intense skepticism. what is your response to this and the goverment’s response in general what’s been good, what’s been half measured and is this a fluff piece or a truthful article?

  • Dianne Varga

    I’ve found that this podcast won’t work for me, but another one will — It’s probably got to do with browser compatiblility. Great interview, Dimitri, totally great.

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