Supreme Court Dismisses B’nai Brith’s Leave Application in Lascaris v B’nai Brith Canada

In August 2016, on the eve of the Green Party of Canada’s biannual general meeting, B’nai Brith Canada, a “staunch defender” of the state of Israel, published an article in which it defamed me.

B’nai Brith’s defamatory article was plainly intended to influence a Green Party debate on a resolution calling for the Green Party to support the use of boycotts, divestment and sanctions to bring an end to Israel’s illegal settlements and occupation of Palestinian territory. I was the sponsor of that resolution.

Months later, after B’nai Brith repeatedly published more defamatory statements about me, I brought a defamation action against B’nai Brith in the Courts of Ontario. B’nai Brith immediately responded to my lawsuit by bringing a motion to dismiss my action under Ontario’s new anti-SLAPP legislation. That legislation is designed to bring an early end to lawsuits that lack merit and that are designed to stifle legitimate debate.

In March 2019, a three-judge panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that my defamation action against B’nai Brith had substantial merit and it dismissed B’nai Brith’s anti-SLAPP motion. It also ordered B’nai Brith to pay to me $15,000 in costs.

B’nai Brith subsequently sought leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Today, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed B’nai Brith’s leave to appeal application. The Supreme Court’s decision means that my defamation action can now proceed to trial.

I very much look forward to my day in Court.



    WOW! Congratulations Dimitri for this significant victory at the Supreme Court of Canada. Has this body ever ruled on issue regarding Palestine?

    Thank you for carrying this battle on behalf of so many seeking not only to defend Palestinian solidarity but also right to freedom of expression and association in Canada.


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  2. Dianne Varga

    Wonderful news, wonderful victory in the fight for things that matter.


  3. Colin Royle

    Bravo Dimitri.
    A champion for Justice and Peace.

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  4. avrumrosner

    Great news! Congratulations Dimitri, and wishing you (and all of us) success in the next steps!


  5. heartaglow

    That’s such great news. It’s a shame that the wheels of justice grind so slowly . If this decision had been reached and announced prior to the recent GPC leadership vote; it might have helped counteract some of the denigrating statements directed at you, on this issue; by others in the party. I suspect a number of people were swayed by that negative campaign.

    In any case.. congratulations…
    and thanks for the link to the actual decision – some happy reading is in my near future.
    ~ waves~
    Maggie, from Victoria


  6. Miriam Meir

    Congratulations to a great defender of human rights and justice.


  7. Philip Mark Edwards

    Nicely done Dimitri. I hope you have the energy and resources to carry you to a successful conclusion. Fifteen thou is a pittance though. They need to really feel the financial consequences of their meddling. I admire you for your courage and determination.


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