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This week, I visited a pro-Palestine encampment at McGill University in Montreal. While there, I spoke to a camp representative named Zaina about McGill’s efforts to silence student activists.

Canadian universities and their Zionist allies engage in law-fare

From the day that the McGill encampment was established more than two months ago, McGill University’s administration and its Zionist allies have sought to end the encampment through litigation.

On May 1st, however, Quebec Superior Court Justice Chantal Massé rejected an injunction application filed by two pro-Israel McGill students.

Two weeks later, McGill itself took a kick at the litigation can. It sought its own injunction requiring that the camp be dismantled, but Quebec Superior Court Justice Marc St-Pierre ruled that McGill had not demonstrated an urgent need for the injunction.

As I reported several days ago, a similar request by the University of Toronto (UofT) succeeded earlier this month, but not on the grounds that the UofT encampment was violent or antisemitic. In fact, the Ontario Court explicitly rejected that allegation.

Rather, Ontario Superior Court Justice Marcus Koehnen ruled that the UofT encampment interfered unduly with the university’s property rights. Importantly, Justice Koehnen stressed that UofT’s administration had committed to allow peaceful pro-Palestine protests on its campus between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm.

Must Palestinians acquiesce in their own destruction?

Three weeks ago, McGill’s President Deep Saini went berserk after a photograph of armed Palestinians emerged from McGill’s pro-Palestine encampment.

The photograph did not depict violence against civilians. In fact, it did not depict any violence at all. It simply featured several armed Palestinians reading books.

Saini nevertheless thundered “This is extremely alarming. It has attracted international media attention, and many in our community have understandably reached out to express grave concerns — concerns that I share.”

Saini seems to have embraced the racist view that Palestinians have no right to armed resistance, and must submit passively to their own destruction. What is truly  “alarming” is that the President of a Canadian university embraces this bigoted nonsense.

While visiting the encampment, I spoke with a student representative Zaina about this controversy.

My full report is here:

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    It seems that officialdom all supports the idea that we return to the feudal state system and serfdom for most of us.

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