Trudeau Government Spends Billions to Acquire TransMountain Tar Sands Pipeline

For the Real News, I speak with Adam Scott of Oil Change International about the Trudeau government’s decision to spend 4.5 billion taxpayer dollars on a planet-wrecking tar sands pipeline that cost Kinder Morgan $550 million.

My interview of Adam can be seen here:

Activists Disrupt Love-Fest Between Canadian & Israeli Trade Ministers

On May 29, 2018, I and four other activists disrupted a Bay Street luncheon at which the Trade Ministers of Canada and Israel promoted a ‘modernized’ free trade agreement between Canada and Israel.

My fellow disrupters were Canadian-Israeli spiritual leader Sandralaya Ruch, Canadian-Palestinian activist Hammam Farah, Canadian-Israeli filmmaker Lia Tarachansky, and Ontario lawyer and activist Stephen Ellis.

The luncheon was organized by the Canadian Club of Toronto. Its stated mission is “to connect Canadians with world-class leaders and newsmakers and be a leading platform for influencers to engage Canadians on what matters most.”

The purpose of this grand affair was to promote a ‘modernized’ trade agreement between Canada and Israel, which the governments of Justin Trudeau and Benjamin Netanyahu signed on May 28 in Montreal. The keynote speakers at the Canadian Club luncheon were Canadian Minister of International Trade Francois-Phillipe Champagne and Israel’s Economy Minister Eli Cohen. Cohen is a former major in the Israeli Air Force. Continue Reading ›

At the U.N., Trudeau Opposes an Investigation into Israel’s Shooting of Unarmed Civilians – including a Canadian Doctor

This week, courtesy of Justin Trudeau, the world witnessed one of the swiftest and most cowardly flip-flops in Canadian political history.

On May 16, 2018, Canada’s Prime Minister issued a statement calling for an “immediate independent investigation” into the “tragic” killing and wounding of “countless” protesters in Gaza. Trudeau professed in his statement to be “appalled that Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is among the wounded – along with so many unarmed people, including civilians, members of the media, first responders, and children.”

A mere two days later, in a debate at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Trudeau’s government opposed just such an investigation. Continue Reading ›

Justin Trudeau Vows to Bail Out the Profitable Texas Oil Company, Kinder Morgan

In 2017, Texas oil company Kinder Morgan generated net profits of US$223 million and revenues of nearly US$14 billion. Despite Kinder Morgan’s high profitability and massive financial resources, Justin Trudeau has vowed to use taxpayer money to bail out Kinder Morgan on its planet-wrecking project to expand the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline.

As I explain in this interview with Sharmini Peries of The Real News, Trudeau’s commitment to expend public money on this environmentally reckless project comes on top of his failure to end fossil fuel subsidies, something he promised to do in the 2015 election.

Canada’s government is indeed ‘back’ – it’s back to enriching oil barons at the expense of Canadians and the planet on which we depend for our very survival.

My interview with Sharmini Peries can be seen here:

Trudeau Panics After Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Suspended

After Kinder Morgan issued a press release announcing the suspension of work at the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, Justin Trudeau convened an emergency cabinet meeting. In effect, a single press release from a fossil fuels company sent the entire Trudeau cabinet into a panic.  It is hard to imagine more powerful proof of Justin Trudeau’s subservience to Big Oil.

My report on the Kinder Morgan announcement can be seen here:

Aggressive Police Tactics Escalate Against TransMountain Pipeline Protests in Canada

As Justin Trudeau’s government forges ahead with its climate-wrecking plan to facilitate expansion of tar sands infrastructure, resistance is mounting. In the past several days, dozens of conscientious Canadians have been arrested in acts of peaceful civil disobedience. One of those peaceful resisters is Clayton Thomas-Muller​ of

For the Real News, I speak to Clayton about the mounting resistance and about efforts by Canadian law-enforcement authorities to criminalize those who non-violently oppose the destruction of Mother Earth.

My interview of Clayton can be seen here: