Canada’s Federal Court Rules that “Product of Israel” Labels on West Bank Settlement Wines Are “False, Misleading and Deceptive”

As I have previously reported, I am legal counsel to Dr. David Kattenburg in a judicial review application brought in the Federal Court of Canada.

Dr. Kattenburg, a member of Winnipeg’s Jewish community and a child of Holocaust survivors, complained in early 2017 to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) about two wines produced in Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements.

Those wines were being sold in Canada bearing “Product of Israel” labels. Citing the Canadian government’s own acknowledgement that the West Bank is occupied Palestinian territory and that it does not form part of the state of Israel, Dr. Kattenburg argued that the labels were false and that they violated Canadian consumer protection legislation, which requires accurate country-of-origin labelling.

After months of careful consideration of Dr. Kattenburg’s complaint, the CFIA ruled that the “Product of Israel” labels did indeed violate Canadian consumer protection laws, but within hours of the CFIA’s decision becoming known to the pro-Israel lobby, the lobby persuaded the government of Justin Trudeau to pressure the CFIA into reversing itself.

Weeks later, Dr. Kattenburg commenced a judicial review application in the Federal Court of Canada.

Today, the Federal Court issued its decision. Continue Reading ›

After Elizabeth May Hires ‘Prince of Darkness’ Warren Kinsella, Twittersphere Erupts

On July 12, Globe and Mail reporter Robert Fife revealed on Twitter that Warren Kinsella, who proudly bills himself as the ‘Prince of Darkness’ of Canadian politics, would be “helping out” Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada in their “war room” for the upcoming federal election.

The Twittersphere’s reaction to Fife’s revelation was swift and fierce, to put it mildly. Continue Reading ›

Dr. David Suzuki: Trudeau Government’s Climate Emergency Declaration Is ‘A Joke’

For The Real News Network, I interviewed Dr. David Suzuki about the Canadian Parliament’s recent declaration of a climate emergency and the Trudeau Government’s subsequent approval of the TransMountain tar sands pipeline expansion.

I asked Dr Suzuki if the Transmountain approval could be reconciled with the climate emergency declaration.

He answered “No, absolutely not. I mean, it just shows what a joke the whole declaration of a  climate emergency is.

My discussion with Dr. Suzuki can be seen here:

Justin Trudeau heckled for complicity in Yemen genocide and the subversion of Venezuelan democracy

June 24, 2019

Today, as Justin Trudeau walked to the podium at an event in Montreal celebrating la Fête nationale du Québec, I told Mr. Trudeau that Canada’s arms sales to the monstrous Saudi autocracy have rendered him complicit in the Saudi genocide in Yemen.

This is the video of my disruption:


Meanwhile, author and activist Yves Engler denounced the Prime Minister for his government’s relentless efforts to subvert the elected government of Venezuela.

This is the video of Mr. Engler’s disruption:


As Mr. Trudeau walked by us, he glanced back at us and said “I’m glad to see that the NDP showed up.”

(Video credit: Achille Lascaris).