Green Party Leadership Series With Victoria Galea

Green Party of Canada member Victoria Galea is conducting a series of interviews of the candidates for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.

In her 5th episode, Victoria and I discussed a broad range of issues, including inequality, workers’ rights, diversity and Canadian foreign policy.

As I explained, my vision for growing the party is that it become a big tent for the millions of Canadians who are progressive but who feel that they are not fairly represented in Canada’s Parliament.

Our discussion can be seen here:

Social Justice and the Green Party of Canada

On April 11, I spoke with Harrison Samphir of Canadian Dimension about my campaign for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.

As I explained to Harrison, I believe that the best way for the Green Party to win the hearts and minds of Canadian progressives is to champion the cause of social justice.

This is the podcast of our discussion: