G20 Protestors Call for An Alternative To the Neoliberal Order

On the Real News, I speak to Professor Patrick Bond about the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Professor Bond was in Hamburg throughout the summit and discusses the suppression of peaceful protest by German authorities and the complete absence of any concrete agreements at the G20 summit to address the climate crisis or grotesque inequalities around the world. My interview of Professor Bond can be watched here:


Trump’s Corporate Funded Climate Study Gets it Wrong

In explaining his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, Donald Trump cited highly dubious economic predictions from National Economic Research Associates (NERA), a U.S.-based consulting firm with a long history of pandering to right-wing causes. In this report for The Real News, I discuss NERA and Trump’s rationale for withdrawing from the Paris accord with Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog:


As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (3/3)

This is the third and final part of Dimitri’s interview of Costas Lapavitsas, a Professor of Economics and former member of Greece’s Parliament who defected from the governing Syriza party when its leader decided to ignore an anti-austerity referendum and to impose upon the Greek people even harsher austerity than his right-wing predecessors had imposed. In this part, Costas responds to arguments that the costs of Greece’s exit from the Eurozone would be unmanageable:


As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (2/3)

In Part 2 of Dimitri’s interview with Costas Lapavitsas, Costas explains why so many Greeks continue to cling to the Euro, and why Greece must exit the Eurozone in order to rehabilitate its battered economy.┬áCostas is a former member of Greece’s Parliament who quit the ruling Syriza party when the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decided to ignore a referendum in which the Greek people voted overwhelmingly against a brutal austerity plan demanded by Greece’s creditors. Part 2 of the interview can be viewed here:


Miami May Not Survive Climate-Driven Sea Level Rise

Dr. Joe Romm is an author, blogger, physicist and climate expert. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2009, Rolling Stone magazine named Joe to its list of “100 People Who Are Changing America”, and Time magazine named him one of its “Heroes of the Environment (2009)”, calling him “The Web’s most influential climate-change blogger”. As Joe explains to Dimitri in this interview, sea level rise threatens to swamp major U.S. cities like Miami and could cause a trillion-dollar real estate bubble to burst:


As Tensions Rise Between Greece And Its Creditors, Is Grexit Back On The Table? (1/3)

In July 2015, Greece’s newly elected Syriza government, which had come to power six months earlier with an anti-austerity platform, held a referendum in which a large majority of Greeks voted against an austerity program that Greece’s creditors wanted to inflict upon Greece’s battered economy. However, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ignored the referendum he had called and succumbed to the creditors’ demands. At that point, numerous leftist Syriza MPs defected from Syriza and formed a new party called “Popular Unity.” One of those MPs was Professor of Economics, Costas Lapavitsas. In this interview, Professor Lapavitsas explains that Greece’s debt remains wildly unsustainable, and that by continuing to prioritize the repayment of that debt, the Syriza government is condemning Greece to endless stagnation and is signing its own political death warrant: