Regime Change Canadian Style for Venezuela

Along with Sharmini Peries, Gregory Wilpert and Yves Engler, I discuss yesterday’s meeting in Ottawa of the “Lima Group”, an ad hoc collection of right-leaning governments having the singular purpose of overthrowing the legitimate government of Venezuela.

As I explain in this roundtable discussion, the article of the Venezuelan Constitution which Juan Guaido, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have invoked as the legal basis of Guaido’s actions does not in fact authorize Guaido to replace Nicolas Maduro as President. Their legal argument is, in fact, a sham.

Our discussion can be seen and listened to here:

Media Coverage of Hurricane Florence Leaves Out Crucial Information

Analyses of the media coverage of hurricane Florence show that most outlets ignore the link to climate change and the real dangers that this and other hurricanes present for creating devastating toxic spills.

For The Real News, I discuss the flawed media coverage of Hurricane Florence with Lisa Hyams of Media Matters for America:


Rosie DiManno Spews More Anti-Palestinian Bigotry in the Toronto Star

“Thank God for Israel.”

That is how Rosie DiManno began her latest descent into anti-Palestinian bigotry.

DiManno, in case you did not know, is a columnist for the Toronto Star, Canada’s highest circulation newspaper. She began her career as a sportswriter at the Star and continues to write largely about sports, but for some incomprehensible reason, the editors of the Toronto Star consider DiManno competent to pontificate from time to time on the Middle East, a region about which she evidently knows nothing. Continue Reading ›

Postmedia, Israel and Ethics-Free Journalism

Malcolm X: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

In 2016, as Green Party of Canada members debated whether to support sanctions on Israel, Postmedia newspapers published 15 articles and op-eds that left no ambiguity as to where Postmedia’s sympathies lay. As I wrote at the time:

Virtually all of Postmedia’s 15 articles bore headlines that suggested extremism, anti-Israel bias or infighting within the [Green] party. For example, a Toronto Sun article of Aug. 14, 2016, was headlined “Greens self-destruct with Israel bashing.” A mere seven days later, the Toronto Sun published another article, “Greens attacking Israel? Hardly a surprise”…

Even worse than the strident tone of Postmedia’s articles was the absence of pro-BDS and Palestinian perspectives. The 15 articles quoted opponents of BDS on 17 occasions, anti-BDS organizations on eight occasions, and Israel’s ambassador to Canada on one occasion. By contrast, only once did any of the 15 articles quote a supporter of BDS (Jill Stein, leader of the U.S. Green Party). In none of the articles was a single Palestinian or Palestinian solidarity organization quoted.

Worst of all, Postmedia’s reporters completely ignored the issue at the heart of the debate over BDS: Israel’s egregious human rights abuses.

In early 2017, after the Green Party resolved overwhelmingly – and with Elizabeth May’s support – to endorse sanctions on Israel, I decided to file a complaint against Postmedia with the National NewsMedia Council (NNC). Continue Reading ›

Chrystia Freeland, George Soros and the Ethics of Evidence-Based Reporting

On September 4, 2017, Moscow-based reporter John Helmer published his latest in a series of articles on Canada’s Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland. Entitled “Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland Hid Light Under Bushel Until Toronto Globe and Mail Exposé,” Mr. Helmer’s article explores the revelation in an August 16, 2017 exposé in Canada’s Globe and Mail that, at the time she entered Canadian politics, Freeland had a “deal” for a “sort of authorized biography of George Soros.”

At the end of his September 4 article, Mr. Helmer states that, in mid-August, I “commissioned” a report from him “on the new evidence on Freeland”. Describing me as a “Canadian politician” who “doubles as a reporter, interviewer and member of the Board of directors of The Real News Network” (TRNN), Mr. Helmer writes:

Lascaris recorded a 30-minute interview with me on August 21. At first he delayed its broadcast claiming he was “fact-checking”. Lascaris then claimed that Soros had issued a “definitive rejection” of the reported deal with Freeland, and cancelled the broadcast. He and his TRNN colleagues refuse to reveal the email exchange with Soros.

Lascaris added last week that he hasn’t had time to check with Freeland on her side of the Soros deal, or her Ukrainian sources of income and real estate. His reasons, he said, is that “both of my kids are leaving home to go to university and I am moving them into their new accommodations far from home. I am not going to drop everything and neglect my family’s needs to respond immediately to your email.”

Mr. Helmer has been instrumental in exposing skeletons in the Freeland family closet. Among other things, Helmer’s investigative reporting has helped uncover that Ms. Freeland’s grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi collaborator, and that Freeland misrepresented her grandfather’s sordid past when confronted with evidence of his Nazi sympathies.

Nonetheless, despite his journalistic contributions, Mr. Helmer’s account of his interactions with TRNN suffers from serious inaccuracies and omissions. Continue Reading ›