My Defamation Action Against B’nai Brith Canada

Today, I am pleased to announce the settlement of my defamation action against B’nai Brith Canada. As part of the settlement, the parties have agreed to delete the materials complained of [...]

Announcing the Launch of Green Left Canada

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Green Left Canada. We understand that capitalism is the core cause of the climate crisis and are deeply committed to an eco-socialist society [...]

A Call to Green Party of Canada Members for Civility and Mutual Respect

Over the past several weeks, the Green Party of Canada (GPC) has experienced unprecedented turmoil, beginning on May 10, when the Green Party issued a statement which did not reflect the [...]

My Statement on the Departure of Jenica Atwin from the Green Party of Canada

The primary responsibilities of the Green Party leader are to grow the party and act as a spokesperson for the policies the members have duly adopted. Greens across the country are deeply [...]

A Note To Annamie Paul: Silence Is Not Leadership

On May 14, 2021, as Israel’s military rained bombs down on the children of Gaza, Noah Zatzman, senior adviser to Green Party leader Annamie Paul, posted an explosive comment on his Facebook page.

Why is the Guardian promoting more Pentagon propaganda?

Britain’s leading ‘’centre-left’ newspaper just offered us a textbook example of the liberal media’s embrace of Pentagon propaganda. In an article entitled “US Navy to adopt ‘more assertive [...]

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