Ukraine’s doomed counter-offensive

On September 11, 2023, I spoke about the state of the Ukraine war with Zain Raza of German independent media outlet AcTVism Munich. I argued that, not only has Ukraine’s counteroffensive [...]

Swedish media ostracize opponents of NATO

I spoke this week with Wilke Wilcek of Sweden’s Communist Party about Sweden’s accession to NATO. According to Wilcek, shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, only 32% of [...]

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Sails Again

This year, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla sails again. The Flotilla first sailed to Gaza in 2010. It did so for the purpose of breaking Israel’s cruel blockade of Gaza, which began in 2005. [...]

NATO about to suffer another humiliating defeat

This week, on the German independent media outlet AcTVism Munich, I argued that NATO and its Ukrainian proxy are losing the war against Russia in every sense – militarily, economically and [...]

Macdonald-Laurier Institute warns of foreign interference while refusing to identify its foreign donors

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), a neoconservative think-tank based in Ottawa, has abandoned its publicly-stated policy of disclosing its donors after receiving requests for its donor list [...]

The most censored politician in Canada?

This week, I spoke with Lee Camp, a U.S.-based comedian whose trenchant and hilarious criticisms of the U.S. military industrial complex have attracted the implacable hostility of the thought [...]

The struggle for peace is a struggle for free speech

In Canada, pro-NATO shills and fake ‘disinformation experts’ have used threats of violence and outright fabrications to censor a national speaking tour on the pursuit of peace in [...]

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