To survive, Palestinians must employ armed resistance

Yesterday in Toronto, I delivered a speech on the right to resist oppression. I made my presentation at the invitation of members of Toronto’s Muslim community. They had organized a series [...]

Is Canada’s Parliament concealing embarrassing information about Canada’s ‘allies’?

Earlier this month, the Canadian Parliament’s National Security and Intelligence Committee (NSICOP) released an 84-page, special report on alleged foreign interference in Canada’s [...]

If Biden can’t function, who has run the U.S. Government for the past four years?

On June 27, 2024, Joe Biden and Donald Trump took part in the first U.S. Presidential Debate of 2024. Within minutes of the debate’s conclusion, high-profile supporters of the Democratic [...]

Israel’s outlook turns grim

In the past two weeks, the noises coming out of Israel have sounded increasingly dire. A Cascade of pessimism The cascade of pessimism began with Daniel Hagari’s startling admission that Israel [...]

Islamophobia in the West: A scourge we must confront

In the past year, the United States, Canada and other Western countries have experienced a sharp rise in Islamophobia. Increasingly, Islamophobes are resorting to violence to oppress members of a [...]

Bill C-70: Trudeau’s latest assault on free speech

The Trudeau government’s latest national security legislation promises to cement Justin Trudeau’s legacy as the most anti-free speech Prime Minister in the post-WWII era. The [...]

Israel’s war against Nature

Last week, while standing atop Beaufort Castle in south Lebanon, I reported on Israel’s war against Nature. Beaufort Castle (known locally as Qal’at al-Shaqif) is a Crusader fortress [...]

Former Chief Justice exonerates law students falsely accused of anti-Semitism

A retired Chief Justice of Nova Scotia has exonerated law students at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) after the university accused them of signing an allegedly ‘anti-Semitic’ letter in [...]

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