Trudeau’s genocidal Kabuki theatre

Kabuki is a classical form of Japanese theatre, mixing dramatic performance with traditional dance. It is known for its heavily stylized performances, its glamorous, highly decorated costumes, [...]

Coffee-gate: Canada’s pro-Israel lobby pressures police to violate the right to protest

Since Israel launched its genocidal war on Palestinians three months ago, Israel’s apologists have launched an unprecedented assault on Canadians’ right to protest. In Calgary, a [...]

In Canada, press freedom is an illusion

Today, I attended a press conference by Canada’s Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault. What happened there was yet another demonstration that, in Canada, freedom of the press is largely [...]

Canada’s pro-Israel lobby goes bananas after Trudeau tosses a crumb at Palestinians

Yesterday, Canada’s pro-Israel lobby went bananas after the Trudeau government tossed a crumb to the Palestinian people. For the second time in two months, the United Nations General [...]

Israel: A slam-dunk case of genocide in Palestine

On December 2, 2023, I spoke to protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa about Israel’s ongoing genocide in Palestine. In my speech, I explained why Israel’s attacks on Gaza amount to [...]

The CBC’s CEO called out for betraying the children of Gaza

On November 7, 2023 in Montreal, CEO Catherine Tait of Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, gave a speech on the threats to the CBC’s “independent journalism”. During [...]