Bill C-70: Trudeau’s latest assault on free speech

The Trudeau government’s latest national security legislation promises to cement Justin Trudeau’s legacy as the most anti-free speech Prime Minister in the post-WWII era. The [...]

Former Chief Justice exonerates law students falsely accused of anti-Semitism

A retired Chief Justice of Nova Scotia has exonerated law students at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) after the university accused them of signing an allegedly ‘anti-Semitic’ letter in [...]

Disrupt the powerful. Allow them no peace.

During Canada’s 2019 election, I joined with other anti-war activists to form Disruption Network Canada (DNC). DNC is a voluntary association of Canadians committed to exposing government [...]

Trudeau’s ‘online harms’ bill threatens free speech

Earlier this year, the U.S., British and Canadian governments announced that they were “deeply concerned” about “foreign information manipulation”. According to the CBC: [...]