Justin Trudeau heckled for complicity in Yemen genocide and the subversion of Venezuelan democracy

June 24, 2019

Today, as Justin Trudeau walked to the podium at an event in Montreal celebrating la Fête nationale du Québec, I told Mr. Trudeau that Canada’s arms sales to the monstrous Saudi autocracy have rendered him complicit in the Saudi genocide in Yemen.

This is the video of my disruption:


Meanwhile, author and activist Yves Engler denounced the Prime Minister for his government’s relentless efforts to subvert the elected government of Venezuela.

This is the video of Mr. Engler’s disruption:


As Mr. Trudeau walked by us, he glanced back at us and said “I’m glad to see that the NDP showed up.”

(Video credit: Achille Lascaris).




Quebec Bans Public Workers from Wearing Religious Clothing or Symbols

‪This week, I spoke with Marc Steiner of The Real News Network about Quebec’s newly adopted Bill 21.

As I explained to Marc, I wholeheartedly support the separation of religion and state, but banning Quebec’s public servants from wearing religious symbols is the wrong way to ensure the state’s secularism.

It is entirely possible to ensure that the state remains neutral on the question of religion while allowing all public servants, whatever their religious beliefs may be, to wear religious symbols in the workplace. Respecting their freedom to do so does not amount to imposing a state-sanctioned religion on the citizenry.

Ultimately, Bill 21 is a frontal assault on religious freedom.

It must not stand.

My discussion with Marc Steiner can be seen and listened to here:

Human Rights Lawyer Condemns Canada’s Support For Honduras’s Repressive Regime (2/2)

June 21, 2019

Last week, while travelling in Honduras with an international human rights delegation, I interviewed anti-government protesters who had blocked traffic for miles by occupying a bridge in the city of El Progreso.

One of those protesters was Prisilla Alvarado, a lawyer who represents imprisoned, Honduran human rights defender, Edwin Espinal.

Ms. Alvarado condemned the Canadian government and Canadian extractive corporations for their complicity in human rights abuses in Honduras.

My interview of Ms. Alvarado and other protesters on the El Progreso bridge can be watched and listened to here:

Yet Another Pro-Israel Circus in Canada’s Parliament

[In the photograph above, former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (second from left) is shown with Israeli Ambassador Nimrod Barkan, Liberal MP Michael Levitt, Conservative MP David Sweet and NDP MP Murray Rankin.]

June 7, 2019

Yesterday, Canada’s Parliament treated us to yet another, pathetic spectacle of bipartisan adoration for Israel’s apartheid regime.

The impetus for Parliament’s latest travesty was the peaceful disruption earlier this week of a speech given by former Canadian Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler.

On June 3, Cotler spoke at Concordia University in Montreal at a conference of “human security” “thought leaders.”

Yves Engler, Malcolm Guy and I – along with several other supporters of Quebec Movement for Peace – interrupted Cotler’s speech and called him out on his unqualified support for the Zionist entity.

This Week’s Pro-Israel Hysteria

Within hours of our peaceful disruption, Canada’s pro-Israel crowd descended into outright hysteria. Continue Reading ›

Ontario’s Right-Wing Politicians Threaten Free Speech

(Photograph above: Ontario Premier Doug Ford embraces Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during Rivlin’s recent visit to Canada.)


June 3, 2019

This past weekend, during my keynote speech at the Al Quds Day rally in Toronto, I condemned the failed efforts of Doug Ford, John Tory and other right-wing, Ontario politicians to prevent us from holding our demonstration in Toronto.

This is the video of my speech: