Greece’s Government and Creditors Downplay Austerity’s Contribution to ‘National Tragedy’ Wildfires.

For , I speak to Greek filmmaker and journalist Aris Chatzistefanou about austerity’s role in the devastation caused by wildfires near Athens last month.

According to Aris, the -led government of Alexis Tsipras is downplaying austerity’s degradation of Greece’s ability to manage catastrophes.

My conversation with Aris can be seen here:

Extreme Heat Could Make One Third of Planet Uninhabitable

For the Real News, I spoke this week to renowned climate scientist Michael Mann about the extraordinary heat and heat-related fatalities we have seen this summer in Greece, Quebec, California, Sweden and elsewhere.

According to Professor Mann, unless we drastically curb our fossil fuels consumption, one-third of the planet could be rendered uninhabitable by extreme heat.

The affected areas would include some of the most heavily populated regions on earth, such as the north China plain.

This would precipitate an unprecedented displacement of climate refugees and a national security crisis unlike any we have experienced in the modern era.

My discussion with Professor Mann can be watched here:


Livestock Companies Are Failing to Measure and Disclose their Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A new index launched by the FAIRR Initiative in the United Kingdom has revealed that nearly three quarters of the world’s biggest meat and fish companies have provided little or no evidence to show that they are measuring or reporting their emissions.

For the Real News, I spoke to Maria Lettini, director of the FAIRR Initiative, about these troubling findings.  My interview of Ms. Lettini can be seen here:


Trudeau Government Spends Billions to Acquire TransMountain Tar Sands Pipeline

For the Real News, I speak with Adam Scott of Oil Change International about the Trudeau government’s decision to spend 4.5 billion taxpayer dollars on a planet-wrecking tar sands pipeline that cost Kinder Morgan $550 million.

My interview of Adam can be seen here:

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s ‘Days Are Numbered’ for Ethics Violations

While EPA chief Scott Pruitt rented a condo at below-market rates from a landlord connected to the powerful lobbying firm of Canadian pipeline company Enbridge, the EPA approved a major Enbridge project. That project was the expansion of the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline.

For The Real News, I speak about this brazen conflict of interest with Todd Paglia, Executive Director of Stand Earth. According to Mr. Paglia, Pruitt’s days as EPA chief are numbered, but we should not expect that Donald Trump will replace Pruitt with someone who is more committed to the mission of the EPA.

My discussion with Todd Paglia can be seen here:

Global Warming’s Impact on Ocean Currents to Amplify Sea Level Rise

Two new studies published in the scientific journal Nature have identified a dramatic weakening of a key northern Atlantic Ocean current, the AMOC.

For the Real News, I speak with a lead author of one of those studies, Levke Caesar of the Potsdam Institute. As Levke explains, if the AMOC collapses, the east coast of the United States would experience rapid sea level rise over and above the sea level rise currently anticipated due to the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. In addition, a collapse in the AMOC would precipitate more extreme temperatures in Europe.

My interview of Levke can be seen here:

Justin Trudeau Vows to Bail Out the Profitable Texas Oil Company, Kinder Morgan

In 2017, Texas oil company Kinder Morgan generated net profits of US$223 million and revenues of nearly US$14 billion. Despite Kinder Morgan’s high profitability and massive financial resources, Justin Trudeau has vowed to use taxpayer money to bail out Kinder Morgan on its planet-wrecking project to expand the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline.

As I explain in this interview with Sharmini Peries of The Real News, Trudeau’s commitment to expend public money on this environmentally reckless project comes on top of his failure to end fossil fuel subsidies, something he promised to do in the 2015 election.

Canada’s government is indeed ‘back’ – it’s back to enriching oil barons at the expense of Canadians and the planet on which we depend for our very survival.

My interview with Sharmini Peries can be seen here: