How Much Will Methane From Melting Permafrost Speed Up Global Warming?

How concerned should we be about the seepage of methane, an extremely powerful greenhouse gas, from the thawing Arctic permafrost? In this interview for The Real News, I discuss methane seepage with Torsten Sachs, a researcher at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Germany. Torsten has co-authored Anne study which found that methane “seeps” on the tundra may be more problematic than previously thought. My interview of Torsten Sachs can be watched here:



Portland Pledges To Defend Ban on Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects

Recently, Portland City Council adopted an historic zoning ordinance against new fossil fuels infrastructure, but an association of fossil fuel companies then persuaded Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals to strike down the zoning ordinance as an unconstitutional restraint on interstate commerce. In this report for The Real News Network, I speak to Nicholas Caleb, at attorney in Portland with the Center for Sustainable Economy, about Portland City Council’s unanimous decision this week to appeal the highly controversial ruling of the Land Use Board of Appeals:

Biological Annihilation: Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Event is Under Way

For The Real News, I speak to Professor Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomus University of Mexico. Professor Ceballos has co-authored a new and vitally important study confirming that the earth’s sixth mass extinction event is underway. As Professor Ceballos explains, a great deal can and must be done to protect species that are under threat. Above all, we must bring an end to the rampant habitat destruction that humanity has caused in recent decades. My interview of Professor Ceballos can be watched here:

Green Groups Sue EPA Over Loophole for Big Polluters in Texas

In Texas, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is making a mockery of laws and regulations designed to protect the public from air pollution. In this interview, I talk to environmental lawyer Gabriel Clark-Leach about a new lawsuit that aims to force the EPA to uphold the law in the heart of oil country:


Indigenous Groups Win One, Lose One in the Supreme Court of Canada

This week, the Supreme Court of Canada released two important decisions relating to indigenous rights.

In one decision, the Court upheld a ruling by Canada’s controversial National Energy Board that allowed pipeline company Enbridge to expand Line 9. Line 9 is a tar sands pipeline that lies on the territory of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation in southern Ontario. Line 9 will now carry highly toxic heavy crude across the Thames River.

In its second decision, the Court struck down an authorization given by the NEB to various petroleum exploration companies that would have allowed those companies to conduct seismic testing in Arctic waters off of Clyde River hamlet in Nunavut.

In this interview for The Real News, I discuss the implications of these two decisions with Jerry Nattanine, the former mayor of Clyde River, and Eugene Kung, a lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law:


First Six Months of 2017 Marked By Wildfires and ‘Extremely Remarkable’ Warmth

This is Part 2 of my most recent interview of leading climate scientist Michael Mann. In this part, we discuss some of the extreme weather events we have witnessed thus far in 2017. According to Professor Mann, there is a “very clear link” between human-induced climate change and the recent, extremely intense wildfires we are seeing in British Columbia, California and Portugal. Part 2 of my interview with Professor Mann can be watched here: