Climate Activists Target $6 Trillion Asset Manager BlackRock

Blackrock is the world’s largest asset manager, with over $6 trillion in assets under management. And, so, when its CEO Larry Fink speaks, corporate CEOs listen.

Earlier this year, Mr. Fink shook the corporate world with his annual letter to CEOs. In it, he argued that capitalism must change to avert climate catastrophe.

This week, however, activists launched a campaign targeting Blackrock because, despite Fink’s lofty rhetoric, Blackrock remains a massive investor in the fossil fuels industry.

For The Real News, I speak to activist Casey Harrell of the Sunrise Project about this new campaign. My discussion with Casey can be watched and heard here:

Media Coverage of Hurricane Florence Leaves Out Crucial Information

Analyses of the media coverage of hurricane Florence show that most outlets ignore the link to climate change and the real dangers that this and other hurricanes present for creating devastating toxic spills.

For The Real News, I discuss the flawed media coverage of Hurricane Florence with Lisa Hyams of Media Matters for America:


New Climate Study Warns of Dangerous ‘Hothouse Earth’ Scenario

For The Real News Network, I speak to Dr. Will Steffen of Australian National University. Dr. Steffen is a co-author of a new study warning of a dangerous, ‘hothouse earth’ scenario.

Dr. Steffen explains that, if we remain on our current trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions, we may well trigger a cascade of tipping points that will radically degrade the livability of our planet.

My conversation with Dr. Steffen can be seen here:

U.S. Court Delays Keystone XL Pipeline Construction by Ordering Environmental Review

The mainstream media seem to have mistakenly concluded that the completion of Keystone XL is inevitable because both the Trump administration and the Trudeau government are enthusiastic supporters of this planet-wrecking tar sands pipeline.

But as Diana Best of Greenpeace U.S.A. explains to me in this interview, the relentless resistance of civil society constitutes a formidable obstacle to the completion of Keystone XL.

My conversation with Diana can be seen and heard here:

Greece’s Government and Creditors Downplay Austerity’s Contribution to ‘National Tragedy’ Wildfires.

For , I speak to Greek filmmaker and journalist Aris Chatzistefanou about austerity’s role in the devastation caused by wildfires near Athens last month.

According to Aris, the -led government of Alexis Tsipras is downplaying austerity’s degradation of Greece’s ability to manage catastrophes.

My conversation with Aris can be seen here:

Extreme Heat Could Make One Third of Planet Uninhabitable

For the Real News, I spoke this week to renowned climate scientist Michael Mann about the extraordinary heat and heat-related fatalities we have seen this summer in Greece, Quebec, California, Sweden and elsewhere.

According to Professor Mann, unless we drastically curb our fossil fuels consumption, one-third of the planet could be rendered uninhabitable by extreme heat.

The affected areas would include some of the most heavily populated regions on earth, such as the north China plain.

This would precipitate an unprecedented displacement of climate refugees and a national security crisis unlike any we have experienced in the modern era.

My discussion with Professor Mann can be watched here: