At the People’s Climate March in Washington, Avi Lewis Discusses the Leap Manifesto and Justin Trudeau’s Climate Hypocrisy

As 200,000 climate marchers gathered in the heart of Washington, I talked to Canadian activist and film-maker Avi Lewis about the Leap Manifesto and Justin Trudeau’s failure to live up to his government’s lofty rhetoric on climate change. The interview can be seen here:

The Congressional Assault on Climate Change Heats Up

On this day, April 22, 2017, historic science marches occurred around the world. In this interview for The Real News, leading climate scientist Michael Mann, who has had to fend off relentless attacks from the fossil fuels industry and its apologists, explains the degree to which Congress is out of touch with climate science, and talks about why he and thousands of other scientists around the world have taken the unprecedented step of marching in the streets to demand that science be respected:

Building Pipelines Leads to Growth – Not in Jobs, But Carbon Emissions

In 2012, NASA scientist James Hansen wrote in the New York Times that, if Canada continues to exploit the vast oil reserves in its tar sands, then it’s “game over for the climate”. In this interview on The Real News, I explain that Canada’s Trudeau government seems hell-bent on bringing¬†the game to an end:


How U.S. States and Cities Can Take on Climate Change in Spite of Trump’s Denialism

After holding a press conference with Elizabeth May about the challenges confronting the climate justice movement in the Age of Trump, Daphne Wysham of the Institute for Policy Studies discusses with Dimitri efforts by state and municipal governments to fill the climate change void in the United States. Daphne also discusses a carbon tax plan being promoted by stalwarts of the Republican Party. As Daphne explains, that plan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing:

Miami May Not Survive Climate-Driven Sea Level Rise

Dr. Joe Romm is an author, blogger, physicist and climate expert. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2009, Rolling Stone magazine named Joe to its list of “100 People Who Are Changing America”, and Time magazine named him one of its “Heroes of the Environment (2009)”, calling him “The Web’s most influential climate-change blogger”. As Joe explains to Dimitri in this interview, sea level rise threatens to swamp major U.S. cities like Miami and could cause a trillion-dollar real estate bubble to burst:

Transmountain Pipeline Approved Despite Lack of Proven Clean Up Protocols

On The Real News, I discuss with Emma Gilchrist, Executive Director of Desmog Canada, the dangers posed by the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Emma explains that claims by the federal and provincial governments that the pipeline will be safe are not supported by the evidence.¬†Emma and I also discuss B.C.’s extremely lax campaign finance rules and how they are exploited by the fossil fuels industry to influence the policies of B.C.’s government. You can watch the interview here:

Prime Minister Trudeau Prepares to Resurrect Keystone XL with Cabinet Shuffle

On the Real News, I discuss with Sharmini Peries the decision to replace Foreign Minister Stephane Dion with International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, and the implications that Trump’s agenda will have for Canada and the fight against fossil fuels infrastructure. You can watch the interview here: