Trudeau’s ‘online harms’ bill threatens free speech

Earlier this year, the U.S., British and Canadian governments announced that they were “deeply concerned” about “foreign information manipulation”. According to the CBC: [...]

Israel’s genocidal project is not confined to Gaza

On March 13-14, 2024, I visited the Jenin and Tulkarem refugee camps in occupied Palestine. Palestinian-Canadian artist Rehab Nazzal accompanied me. Together, we observed and documented an [...]

Prominent Canadian lawyer says Israel’s war on Gaza is ‘the most moral in human history’

In the past two weeks, I was invited twice onto Radio 640 AM Toronto to debate two high-profile supporters of Israel’s war on Gaza. The experience was surreal. The first of my opponents was [...]

The most censored politician in Canada?

This week, I spoke with Lee Camp, a U.S.-based comedian whose trenchant and hilarious criticisms of the U.S. military industrial complex have attracted the implacable hostility of the thought [...]

The struggle for peace is a struggle for free speech

In Canada, pro-NATO shills and fake ‘disinformation experts’ have used threats of violence and outright fabrications to censor a national speaking tour on the pursuit of peace in [...]

A Discussion with Regis Tremblay about my recent trip to Russia

This week, I spoke with documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay about my trip in April to Moscow and Crimea. Regis is from the United States, but he now lives in Crimea. During my journey across [...]

Why I’m travelling to Russia in a time of war

On March 18, 2023, the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War held an online event in which it invited me to explain why I have decided to travel to Russia in the weeks ahead. Below is the text of [...]

A ‘whataboutist’ response to the useful idiots of the Anglo-American empire

Anti-imperialists often respond to criticisms of the West’s official enemies (China, Russia, Iran, etc.) by pointing to the crimes of Western governments and their non-Western proxies. In the [...]

Poll finds most Ukrainians believe Ukraine’s government, NATO and the U.S. bear some responsibility for Ukraine war

A new poll has found that more than two-thirds of Ukrainians (70%) believe Ukraine’s government bears either a great deal or some responsibility for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. [...]

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