My Defamation Action Against B’nai Brith Canada

Today, I am pleased to announce the settlement of my defamation action against B’nai Brith Canada. As part of the settlement, the parties have agreed to delete the materials complained of [...]

I’ve Been Approved As A Candidate For The Leadership Of The Green Party Of Canada

This morning, I learned that my application to participate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has been accepted following a successful appeal from a decision of a vetting committee. My [...]

Ontario’s Right-Wing Ford Government Advances Unconstitutional Bill To Silence Critics of Israel

April 18, 2019 With the support of Ontario’s right-wing Premier, Doug Ford, a staunchly pro-Israel member of Ontario’s legislature is pushing a private member’s bill designed to silence critics [...]

McGill University Should Withdraw Its Honorary Doctorate To Hillel Neuer

Following his recent appearance on the far-right Rebel Media, during which he vilified Justin Trudeau’s government for showing a modicum of compassion to Palestinian refugees, Hillel Neuer of UN [...]