Trudeau’s genocidal Kabuki theatre

Kabuki is a classical form of Japanese theatre, mixing dramatic performance with traditional dance. It is known for its heavily stylized performances, its glamorous, highly decorated costumes, [...]

Avdiivka falls, and with it, NATO’s credibility

Avdiivka has fallen, and with it, NATO’s credibility. Fortress Avdiivka Before the Ukraine war, Avdiivka was an industrial city with a population exceeding 31,000. It lies about thirteen [...]

Western leaders are Israel’s human shields

On February 13, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz took a break from destroying Germany’s “dramatically bad” economy, and spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During [...]

What now, Genocide Justin?

Today, the International Court of Justice issued an historic decision in favour of South Africa’s genocide claim against Israel. The decision will reverberate in international relations for years [...]

Prominent Canadian lawyer says Israel’s war on Gaza is ‘the most moral in human history’

In the past two weeks, I was invited twice onto Radio 640 AM Toronto to debate two high-profile supporters of Israel’s war on Gaza. The experience was surreal. The first of my opponents was [...]

Why South Africa is likely to prevail at the ICJ

Today, I spoke with American documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay about the prospects of a South African victory at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). I explained to Regis why I believe [...]

Coffee-gate: Canada’s pro-Israel lobby pressures police to violate the right to protest

Since Israel launched its genocidal war on Palestinians three months ago, Israel’s apologists have launched an unprecedented assault on Canadians’ right to protest. In Calgary, a [...]