Trudeau’s genocidal Kabuki theatre

Kabuki is a classical form of Japanese theatre, mixing dramatic performance with traditional dance. It is known for its heavily stylized performances, its glamorous, highly decorated costumes, [...]

Avdiivka falls, and with it, NATO’s credibility

Avdiivka has fallen, and with it, NATO’s credibility. Fortress Avdiivka Before the Ukraine war, Avdiivka was an industrial city with a population exceeding 31,000. It lies about thirteen [...]

Western leaders are Israel’s human shields

On February 13, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz took a break from destroying Germany’s “dramatically bad” economy, and spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During [...]

Israel’s really bad week

This week, as Israel’s military prepared to launch a full-scale attack on Rafah, Israel was hit with a tidal wave of bad news. Legally, politically, economically and militarily, the [...]