Justin Trudeau Disrupted In Montreal By Palestinian Solidarity Activists

Yesterday in Montreal, as Justin Trudeau spewed hot air at a Liberal Party event about his purported commitment to democracy, I and two other activists, Yves Engler​ and Fred Jones, denounced Trudeau for his lavish support for Israel’s apartheid regime. These are the videos of our disruptions:

As we disrupted Trudeau inside the venue where he was speaking, Palestinian solidarity activists stood outside the venue and unfurled a banner calling for a boycott of apartheid Israel:


After the event, both CBC and La Presse reported that Trudeau had been disrupted by Palestinian solidarity activists:



There is a vast disparity between the Trudeau’s Government’s lofty rhetoric on human rights and the sordid reality of its actual policies and practices.

I strongly encourage fellow Canadians to make their voices heard as Trudeau vies in the months ahead for a second term as Prime Minister.



  1. Dianne Varga

    Thanks for your gutsy action challenging Trudeau’s lies, hype and spin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lonely rico

      Bravo to Lascaris, Engler and Jones for their opposition to Trudeau’s (and the Liberal Party’s) willed blindness to Israeli criminality and violence.

      Liked by 1 person

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