After Elizabeth May Hires ‘Prince of Darkness’ Warren Kinsella, Twittersphere Erupts

On July 12, Globe and Mail reporter Robert Fife revealed on Twitter that Warren Kinsella, who proudly bills himself as the ‘Prince of Darkness’ of Canadian politics, would be “helping out” Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada in their “war room” for the upcoming federal election.

The Twittersphere’s reaction to Fife’s revelation was swift and fierce, to put it mildly. Continue Reading ›

Greek Neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn Rejected by Greek Voters (2/2)

In Part 2 of my interview of Greece’s former Deputy Defence Minister, Costas Isychos, Mr. Isychos explains that, in austerity-ravaged Greece, support for the far-right remains strong despite the electoral defeat of Europe’s most brazen Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn.

Mr. Isychos also argues that the incoming New Democracy government is unlikely to effect meaningful changes to Greece’s foreign and defence policies and that it will maintain the Greek state’s alliance with the right-wing governments of the United States and Israel, which are depriving Palestinians of their rights under international law.

Part 2 of our discussion can be seen here: