Further Statement On My Green Party Of Canada Leadership Bid

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The Green Party of Canada’s vetting committee has accepted my request to disclose the identities of its members and their reasons for not approving my leadership application.

My team and I have reviewed the reasons and they do not constitute a reasonable basis for disqualifying me. We are confident party members would agree, and we are convinced that no valid basis exists to disqualify me from this race. Therefore, my appeal will proceed.

I will submit a detailed written response to the appeal committee, and have also asked to speak directly to the appeal committee after it has reviewed my written response.

Out of respect for the process, I will not comment further until the appeal is concluded.  I appreciate your patience, and am grateful to all of you for your support.


Le comité de vérification du Parti vert du Canada a accepté ma demande de divulguer l’identité de ses membres et leurs raisons de refuser ma candidature à la direction.

Mon équipe et moi avons examiné les raisons et elles ne constituent pas une base raisonnable pour m’exclure. Nous sommes confiants que les membres du parti seraient d’accord et nous sommes convaincus qu’il n’existe aucune base valable pour m’exclure de cette course. Par conséquent, mon appel se poursuivra.

Je soumettrai une réponse écrite détaillée au comité d’appel et j’ai également demandé à parler directement au comité d’appel après qu’il aura examiné ma réponse écrite.

Par respect pour le processus, je ne dirai rien avant la fin de l’appel. J’apprécie votre patience et je vous remercie tous pour votre soutien.

Statement On The Green Party of Canada’s Leadership Contest

Today, I received word that my application to run in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has not been accepted.

I have asked the party’s anonymous vetting committee to explain its reason for not accepting my application.

I have appealed this decision. The appeal process will take seven days.

This is but one more challenge on our long journey toward environmental and social justice.

Please stay tuned.

Peace and solidarity, Dimitri

The Time Has Come To Build A More Caring Society In Canada

In this week’s episode of Dimitri Live, I and my co-hosts Lia Tarachansky, Wendy Goldsmith and Atul Bahl discussed how we can build a more caring society as we emerge from the pandemic.

We talked in particular about the need for a national mental healthcare strategy and the strengthening of our healthcare system.

For example, Canada ranks 51st in the world in the number of doctors per capita (behind Ukraine, Mongolia and Kuwait). Cuba, by contrast, has the highest number of doctors per capita in the world.

Our healthcare system needs more doctors, and there is no reason why a country as wealthy as Canada cannot do much better. I hope you will listen to our discussion:

Fossil Fuels Are A Threat To National Security: A Debate With Former CSIS Analyst Phil Gurski

Last month, in a letter to the Hill Times, I responded to an op-ed by Phil Gurski, a former senior strategic analyst with Canada’s spy agency (CSIS), in which Mr. Gurski raised the spectre of potential violence by environmental activists. After the Hill Times published my letter, Mr. Gurski kindly invited me onto his weekly program to debate national security, the threat posed by the fossil fuels industry and terrorism.

In our debate, which Mr. Gurski published today, I argued (starting at 8:58 of the podcast) that one of the greatest threats to Canada’s national security is in fact the fossil fuels industry and that, far from being a threat to national security, those who resist the fossil fuels industry are acting in the national interest.

I also argued that the legislation governing CSIS is broad enough to authorize CSIS to treat the fossil fuels industry as a national security threat, but that the government appointees who manage CSIS have a pro-fossil fuels bias – just like the Liberal and Conservative politicians who appointed them.

Finally, I argued (starting at 25:50 of the podcast) that Western governments and intelligence agencies are ignoring the true causes of terrorism, that there is no military solution to terrorism and that the true solution to terrorism is political in nature.

You can listen to our debate here:

Cuba Battles Coronavirus Despite Punishing U.S. Sanctions

To date, on a per capita basis, Canada and the United States have suffered far more COVID19-related deaths than Cuba.

This week on Dimitri Live, I asked Cuba-based, British journalist Ed Augustin to explain how Cuba has managed to control the virus despite punishing U.S. sanctions.

As Ed explains, an important part of the reason for Cuba’s ability to limit the loss of life is that Cuba has a far higher proportion of doctors, and its doctors and other medical personnel have been going door-to-door to treat and test the citizenry.

I hope you will listen.