Tsleil-Waututh First Nation Resists Kinder Morgan’s Proposed Expansion of the TransMountain Tar Sands Pipeline

On my recent trip to Vancouver for The Real News, I interviewed Charlene Aleck about the battle against Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the TransMountain tar sands pipeline. Charlene is a Granddaughter of Chief Dan George. She’s an elected Councilor for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) and a spokesperson for the TWN Sacred Trust Initiative. As a child she played Sarah Jim on the Beachcombers. My interview of Charlene can be seen here:


U.S. Coastal Cities Unprepared for Floods as Sea Levels Rise

In this interview, I talk to Dr. Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University about a new study on coastal flooding that he has co-authored. The study reveals that major U.S. coastal cities like New York are woefully unprepared for the increased flooding that is likely to result from sea level rise. The interview can be seen here:


50 Years of Occupation: A Conversation with Palestine’s Ambassador in Canada

Fifty years ago, in June 1967, Israel began an occupation of Palestinian territories that has endured to this very day, and that shows no sign of ending in the foreseeable future. To commemorate this event, I travelled to Ottawa to speak to Nabil Maarouf, the head of the Palestinian delegation in Canada. This interview is in two parts. In Part 1, Mr. Maarouf and I discuss Justin Trudeau’s continuation of Stephen Harper’s extreme pro-Israel policies. In Part 2, Mr. Maarouf calls for sanctions, boycotts and criminal indictments against Israeli officials in order to bring an end to the system of apartheid that Israel has imposed on the Palestinian people.

Part 1 is here:


Part 2 is here:


Sea-Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver

Over the past several years, scientists have nearly tripled their estimates of sea level rise from global warming by 2100. In this report for The Real News, I discuss the growing threat of sea level rise to Vancouver and other coastal cities with Deborah Carlson, a lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law:


Trump’s Corporate Funded Climate Study Gets it Wrong

In explaining his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, Donald Trump cited highly dubious economic predictions from National Economic Research Associates (NERA), a U.S.-based consulting firm with a long history of pandering to right-wing causes. In this report for The Real News, I discuss NERA and Trump’s rationale for withdrawing from the Paris accord with Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog:


Canada’s Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine

Canada’s Trudeau government has announced a massive increase in military spending on the pretext that America under Trump is withdrawing from world leadership. In this report for The Real News Network, I discuss with author and activist Yves Engler the true motivation for Trudeau’s massive increase in military spending: