Canada’s Federal Court Told Israeli Settlements Flagrantly Violate International Law

May 23, 2019

On May 21 and 22, 2019, Canada’s Federal Court in Toronto heard arguments as to the illegality of Israel’s settlements in the West Bank.

The context for the debate about Israel’s settlements was a legal challenge by Jewish-Canadian human rights activist Dr. David Kattenburg to fraudulent “Product of Israel” labels affixed to bottles of West Bank settlement wines sold in Canada.

As I have previously reported here, I act for Dr. Kattenburg in his judicial review application.

Prior to the hearing of Dr. Kattenburg’s application this week, a prothonotary of the Federal Court granted intervenor status in the case to Independent Jewish Voices Canada, but denied intervener status to B’nai Brith Canada, which describes itself as a “staunch defender” of Israel.

Shortly prior to this week’s hearing, however, B’nai Brith appealed the decision of the prothonotary and was ultimately allowed to intervene on the narrow question of whether Israel’s settlements are illegal under international law.

Despite an overwhelming body of international legal authority declaring the settlements to be a “flagrant” and “grave” violation of international law, B’nai Brith argued in Court that the settlements are legal. Continue Reading ›

Elizabeth May Misleads Canadian Jewish News, Smears BDS Supporters

On May 6, 2019, Paul Manly of the Green Party of Canada won a historic byelection in the B.C. riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith. For the first time in over 35 years of existence, the Green Party will now have two MPs who both won their seats under the Green Party banner.

The other Green MP is, of course, Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Paul is the son of former NDP MP Jim Manly. In 2015, before joining the Green Party, Paul sought the NDP nomination in the same riding, but the NDP, then led by Tom Mulcair, shamefully blocked Paul’s nomination.

At the time, Paul revealed that the rejection of his candidacy was related to Israel/Palestine:

I was told verbally on the phone, that the reason was in relation to what I said and did when my father was in Israel. There was also concern that I was running to make Israel and Palestine an election issue.

In 2012, Paul’s father Jim was arrested by Israeli authorities for trying to break peacefully through Israel’s inhumane blockade of Gaza. Jim was released a few days later.

The Zionist Lobby’s Attacks On Paul Manly Have Already Begun

In light of Paul’s history, it is all-too-predictable that the Zionist lobby began attacking Paul within days of his victory.

On May 10, 2019, Canadian Jewish News (CJN) published an article entitled “Concerns Raised Over New Green MP’s Views On BDS.” The concerns, of course, were those of the usual pro-Israel suspects:  the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), B’nai Brith Canada and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC).

Leading the charge was CIJA CEO Simon Fogel, who thundered that “The Green party has been co-opted by extreme activists who – in their obsessive campaign of prejudice against Israelis – threaten the party’s own credibility and relevance in Canadian politics.”

The CJN article is rife with hyperbole, falsehoods and distortions, but my purpose in writing this post is not to address the invective from the usual suspects. Rather, my purpose is to expose the misinformation emanating from Elizabeth May. Continue Reading ›

With Eva Bartlett, I Discuss The Reality On The Ground in Venezuela On CKUW Radio

April 27, 2019

Earlier this week, I gave a presentation in Winnipeg on the Trudeau Government’s regime-change agenda for Venezuela.

The next day, I had the opportunity to discuss the crisis in Venezuela with CKUW Radio host Michael Welch and with independent journalist Eva Bartlett.

Like me, Eva recently visited Venezuela in order to assess for herself the conditions on the ground, and like me, Eva saw conditions on the ground which bear scant resemblance to the claims of Western governments.

Our discussion with Michael Welch begins at 31:15 of this podcast:


Before speaking to Eva and me, Michael discussed Canadian government policy toward Venezuela with Canadian author and activist Yves Engler. Michael’s discussion with Yves begins at 10:04 of the podcast.

Pro-Guaidó Propagandist Challenges Me To A Debate On Venezuela, Then Backs Out

April 26, 2019

As I reported previously on this website, University of Ottawa Professor Isaac Nahón-Serfaty disrupted a presentation on Venezuela which I gave in Ottawa weeks ago.

During that presentation, Nahón-Serfaty repeatedly accused me of lying about Venezuela without presenting a shred of evidence that I had made any false statements. When an elderly member of the audience objected to his theatrics, Nahón-Serfaty rushed toward that elderly gentleman and had to be restrained.

On March 25, two days after my presentation in Ottawa, Nahón-Serfaty challenged me to a debate on Twitter. As soon as his challenge came to my attention, I accepted the challenge subject to two conditions: (1) that the moderator of our debate be mutually acceptable; and (2) that we both sign a declaration that we would accept no compensation for the debate.

I then asked Nahón-Serfaty to provide to me dates on which he was available to debate me. After I complained on Twitter about his failure to respond, he assured me that he would answer me when he considered it the “right time” to do so.

Initial Tweets re Debate with Ottawa Professor

Continue Reading ›