U.S. Dirty Energy Depends on Subsidies and Climate Denial

For The Real News Network, I speak with Janet Redman of Oil Change International about a new study revealing that the U.S. oil industry receives approximately US$20 billion in subsidies annually. As Ms. Redman explains, nearly half of oil and gas production in the United States would not even be profitable were it not for the government showering taxpayer funds on an industry that is wrecking the planet.

My interview of Ms. Redman can be seen here:



New Study Says Extreme Climate Change Is Still Preventable

For The Real News Network, I speak with Oxford University climate scientist Dr. Richard Millar about a new study he has co-authored. His study concludes that it is not yet impossible for us to remain within a global temperature increase of 1.5C. Unfortunately, and as Dr. Millar explains, climate sceptics are misrepresenting his study in order to sow doubts about climate science. My interview of Dr. Millar can be seen here:


Trump Pushes Coal and Wants the Public to Pay for It

For The Real News, I speak with Mary Anne Hitt, the Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, about the Trump administration’s latest attempts to prop up the dying coal industry. As Mary Anne explains, Donald Trump wants America’s electricity consumers to pay more in order to sustain an industry that is wrecking the planet.

My interview with Mary Anne can be seen here:


Workers Must be in the Driver’s Seat to Combat Climate Crisis

For The Real News, I speak to Sarita Gupta, the executive director of Jobs With Justice. As Sarita explains, the labor movement needs to provide a clear analysis of who is responsible for climate change, so that the powerful don’t take advantage of climate-related crises to blame “the other.”

My interview of Ms. Gupta can be seen here:


Is Climate Change the Real Job Killer?

For The Real News Network, I speak to Joe Uehlein, president and co-founder of the Labor Network for Sustainability, about the labor movement and the battle to solve climate crisis. Advocates for the fossil fuels industry often claim that the phasing out of fossil fuels will kill jobs, but as Joe explains, the real and ultimate job killer is climate change:


Mad Man vs. Rocket Man: North Korea Crisis Hits Fever Pitch

For The Real News, I speak to Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, about the latest salvo in the war of words between Trump and North Korea’s dictator. According to Col. Wilkerson, Trump’s speech at the United Nations was “horrible, atrocious, unbelievable” and the “most embarrassing speech.” Even more troubling is Col. Wilkerson’s view that Trump is perfectly capable of ignoring advice from his military advisers to exercise restraint. My interview of Col. Wilkerson can be seen here: