A Discussion with Regis Tremblay about my recent trip to Russia

This week, I spoke with documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay about my trip in April to Moscow and Crimea. Regis is from the United States, but he now lives in Crimea. During my journey across [...]

Homelessness in Russia: A Visit to a Homeless Shelter in Moscow

Last month, after visiting Moscow for the first time, I published an account of what I saw and experienced there. In my account, one of the subjects on which I commented was the extent of visible [...]

Green Party of Canada co-leaders succumb to moral cowardice in a time of war

On January 31, 2023, Green Party leader Elizabeth May gave a press conference in which she revealed that the Green Party under her leadership now supports the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. As I [...]

Citizen Diplomacy: One Handshake at a Time

Recently, after I had spent several weeks in Russia, I received an interview request from Worlds Apart a geopolitical analysis program airing weekly on RT. The host of Worlds Apart, Oksana Boyko, [...]