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This week, I spoke with documentary film-maker Regis Tremblay about my trip in April to Moscow and Crimea. Regis is from the United States, but he now lives in Crimea. During my journey across Crimea, Regis and his partner Tatyana, who is a professional translator, acted as my guides and assisted me with translation.

In the interview, Regis and I discussed a broad array of topics, including the legality of Russia’s invasion, current prospects for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine war, my reasons for travelling to Russia, the attitudes of the Crimeans toward the Ukrainian people and their government, and the practical impossibility of Ukraine retaking Crimea by force.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:


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  • Karl Thank

    I view his analysis of the Lugansk – Donetsk vote for sovereignty as near identical to Kosovo. In this case Russia came to recognize and protest them just as NATO recognized Kosovo and protected them against Serbia.

  • Owen Hughes

    Thanks for the fascinating background to your trip and for once more brilliantly describing and analyzing the overall situation in Ukraine from both moral and legal points of view. Some interesting points: the Russians you spoke to mostly regard Zelensky as a comedian and the present Ukrainian government as illegitimate. In addition, while having no regard for the present Ukrainian government, the Russians you spoke to felt very sorry for the Ukrainian people, to whom they feel close as neighbours and Slavs. It was a pleasure to listen to your interlocutor also, thanks to the clarity with which he posed his questions, allowing you to display your own critical ability to explain complex issues. A very valuable interview indeed.

  • Pete Kirby

    Thank you Dimitri!! ….and you too, Regis, for this brilliant interview!. It has to be heard by every thinking Canadian (and American)….and there is little time to waste. As an old guy (91), with vivid memories of the Cuban missile crisis…and the earlier horrors and bloodshed of WW2 ….and later, the Canada of the Blue Berets, the primary author of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the anti-personnel land mine ban…and a Prime Minister who won (and earned) the Nobel prize for Peace….I am embarrassed to see the “northern neocon” stupidity that controls our country today – and the corruption of the media that enabled it!
    Pete Kirby

  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri, like all the other commentators have pointed out you have done a great service to Canadians and all people of any honesty in North America exposing the lies of as you so rightly put it the “clowns” who govern us. Sadly, there is little in the way of political opposition as virtually every party in Canada is proudly a war party ready to carry water for the neo-Nazi Zelensky regime. Thank you Regis also for this wonderful interview sadly a prophet is never welcome in their own country thus, Dimitri’s exclusion from Canada’s mainstream media. This post is a must see for anyone interested in peace and the aversion of a potential nuclear war. These are indeed terrifying times!

  • Daniel Gallant

    F….the neo-cons in Canada you did a great job! I am sure that most Canadians not brainwashed by the these leftest neo-cons running our government like me not at all taught and trained in the way of politics can see through the lies and deceit in our so called government and the media . What has happened to our world our government our country ,I can only conclude that we have certainly been infiltrated by complete EVIL. God Help Us!

  • Youri Smouter

    great interview Dimitri, I can listen to your perspective and truthtelling and mythbusting all day. So glad you did this journey. keep up the great work and will try to get in touch, would love to interview you on your trip, and your dispatches have been very enlightening. To Hell with the National Burnt Toast, the GPC, and others danming you for doing this trip. you came as a journalist, you came as someone who is a truthteller and mythbuster speaking to students and others to build dialogue and détente and seek out voices our sociopathic leaders exclude to the detriement of the planet and more. You’ve done well and more leftists should be doing what you’ve done.

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