Macdonald-Laurier Institute warns of foreign interference while refusing to identify its foreign donors

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), a neoconservative think-tank based in Ottawa, has abandoned its publicly-stated policy of disclosing its donors after receiving requests for its donor list [...]

The most censored politician in Canada?

This week, I spoke with Lee Camp, a U.S.-based comedian whose trenchant and hilarious criticisms of the U.S. military industrial complex have attracted the implacable hostility of the thought [...]

The struggle for peace is a struggle for free speech

In Canada, pro-NATO shills and fake ‘disinformation experts’ have used threats of violence and outright fabrications to censor a national speaking tour on the pursuit of peace in [...]

Finding Peace in Ukraine: National Webinar

On July 4, 2023, at the conclusion of a national speaking tour organized by the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network, I delivered a speech, via webinar, on pursuing a peaceful resolution of the [...]