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This week, I spoke with Lee Camp, a U.S.-based comedian whose trenchant and hilarious criticisms of the U.S. military industrial complex have attracted the implacable hostility of the thought police.

Lee and I discussed the extraordinary campaign to derail my cross-Canada speaking tour on finding peace in Ukraine.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:


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  • David Gutnick

    So let me get this straight:

    Dimitri complains that he was censored and not allowed to hold meetings in certain halls and that this goes against the Canadian Charter of Rigjts and Freedoms.

    I deed the Charter protection is crucial.

    Dimitri should not be cancelled, he has the right to publicly say what he wants, like we all do unless it is hate speech.

    But here is where Dimitri shows his true colours:
    He neglects to mention that in Putin’s Russia there is no Charter that protects the freedom of expression.

    So in Canada Dimitri is protected when he complains about the government.and lobby groups that he disagrees with. That os a wonderful thing.

    But in Russia people who complain about the Russian war on Ukrainian civilians citizens do not have that protection. Dossidents are jailed or forced into exile.

    Dimitri has lots of time on the podcast to say that.

    He did not.

    So we know Dimitri is not a fool.

    So a question?
    Is he simply forgetful?
    Is he just nervous when interviews and so next time he will do better?

    Or are thé critics right, Dimitri is simply a stooge and the Green Party même vers were right to avoid him like the plague?

    Or …and this is likely closer to the truth..he is simply irrelevant and frankly as they say in the business….
    Who cares about Dimitri as he is but a blogger with no audience.

    Frankly …..

    We k o


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