In Canada, press freedom is an illusion

Today, I attended a press conference by Canada’s Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault. What happened there was yet another demonstration that, in Canada, freedom of the press is largely [...]

Canada’s pro-Israel lobby goes bananas after Trudeau tosses a crumb at Palestinians

Yesterday, Canada’s pro-Israel lobby went bananas after the Trudeau government tossed a crumb to the Palestinian people. For the second time in two months, the United Nations General [...]

Israel: A slam-dunk case of genocide in Palestine

On December 2, 2023, I spoke to protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa about Israel’s ongoing genocide in Palestine. In my speech, I explained why Israel’s attacks on Gaza amount to [...]

Israel’s looming strategic defeat

Over the past month, I’ve argued repeatedly that Israel is hurtling toward a strategic defeat. My projection was based in part on Israel’s total abandonment of restraint in its [...]