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On December 2, 2023, I spoke to protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa about Israel’s ongoing genocide in Palestine.

In my speech, I explained why Israel’s attacks on Gaza amount to a slam-dunk case of genocide under international law, and why Canada is violating flagrantly its obligations under the Genocide Convention of 1948.

Numerous human rights experts have already accused Israel of genocide. They include former U.N. human rights expert Craig Mokhiber and genocide scholar Raz Segal.

You can watch and listen to my speech in Ottawa here:


(Videographer: @omaronig on Instagram)

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  • Gerald Rowe

    What would it take to get at least ONE country to invoke the Genocide Convention at the International Court of Justice?

  • A.M.

    Thank you Dimitri for your passionate defense of Palestinians. Thanks too for your intelligent and articulate challenges to the facile/insipid political class that claims it represents Canada.

  • Richard

    Thanks Dimitri-I supported you for your bid to lead the Green party. I met you once in Nanaimo–the greens under AnnaMarie went down in flames and they are now irrelevent.. I no longer support them or belong to them. Keep up the good work, you and Yves Engler and Dr. Gabor Mate,

  • Bernie Hammond

    Bravo, Dimitri! You argue an amazing case ~ you must be a lawyer! Well done!

  • Gregory Gillis

    Great work Dimitri, thank you for keeping the Palestinian cause front and center you are such a powerful spokesman for their cause and the cause of Peace and Justice. Like Richard I too was deeply disappointed that you did not gain the Green Party leadership and have also left the party. It was a pleasure to meet you last spring at the anti NATO rally in front of the US embassy!

  • Pete Kirby

    Dimitri, this is brilliant! ..every nail smacked right on its head!! What in hell has happened to our chicken-shit country? Mike Pearson and this kid’s Dad must be turning in their graves!

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