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On June 27, 2024, Joe Biden and Donald Trump took part in the first U.S. Presidential Debate of 2024.

Within minutes of the debate’s conclusion, high-profile supporters of the Democratic Party, as well as major liberal media outlets, declared Biden’s performance to have been a disaster.

Why Biden”s catatonic performance surprised any of these people is a mystery. It was obvious long ago that Biden was too intellectually diminished to serve as President of the United States.

Of course, from a moral perspective, Biden was never fit to be President of the United States. (I explained why back in 2020, shortly after Biden was elected.)

Evidently, the sycophants surrounding Biden have been more interested in ingratiating themselves with the addled Emperor than maximizing the Democrats’ chances of defeating Trump, whom they universally derided as an existential threat to America’s so-called ‘democracy’.

Thursday night’s ‘debate’ – if one can call it that – has ended the liberals’ pathetic charade: it is now undeniable that Biden is not in charge because he lacks the mental capacity to fulfill the basic obligations of the Presidency. Indeed, we now have good reason to question whether Biden was ever in charge.

On the morning after this spectacle, I spoke with Diane Sare, an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in the State of New York.

In 2022, Sare ran as an independent against Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. She has been an outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. Government’s forever wars.

Sare also argues that the left-right distinction in political discourse has become largely meaningless. According to Sare, those on the left and the right of the political spectrum can and should find common ground.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:

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  • Peter Bergmanis

    Well you certainly have converged with the extreme right anti-democratic forces. Whatever Biden’s failings, no comment about the Putin candidate whatsoever.

    • Rahul Majumdar

      President Biden, to put it mildly, is in visible cognitive decline. Nothing extreme right-wing or anti-democratic about this opinion. Unless you want to call out the New York Times editorial board, most of the NYT’s star columnists, CNN, MSNBC, and various Democratic Party insiders as right-wing and anti-democratic.

      P.S. The so-called “Russia Gate” – a Hillary Clinton campaign concoction to deflect from the Clinton’s well-documented Russia ties (and her stunning defeat in 2016) – was thoroughly debunked. Please read the Mueller report if you aren’t convinced…

  • evelyn tischer

    Very interesting to get to know Diane Sare. Thank you very much!

  • Subhuti37

    Obama prelection signaled his future betrayal. First, he threw his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus, when the pastor’s ‘Goddamn America’ anti US imperialism sermon surfaced. It’s still on YT, about 9 minutes.

    Second, in August debate with John McCain, Obama said he would not attack Pakistan for sheltering terrorists ‘until diplomatic options were exhausted. This is the standard line the warmongers take.

    A week after taking office, Obama attacked Pakistan.

  • Boyd Reimer

    Trump was the only world leader to pull out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

    Climate change is not only an existential threat to all of humanity, it is also integrally related to the issues of peace, starvation, equality of all humans, climate justice, harm reduction (as opposed to harm elimination), etc.

    Biden, with all his flaws, re-entered the Paris Climate Agreement. That is a distinct difference between Trump and Biden.

    The amount of weight that one attaches to that particular difference between Trump and Biden is related to the amount of weight that one attaches to the importance of climate change.

  • Eric Peter

    American “Presidency”, in fact most of American politics even to a great extent in Canada, is a farce. It is a store front to give the masses, ya dats us, the illusion that they/we have some control i.e. a democracy. USA presidential elections and most of their political machinations are a circus to keep peoples’ minds away from the real issues. It seems that people are too brain dead or brain washed to get away from their/our dysfunctional two party systems… yes ours too!! On a trip I was on recently, I asked a seemingly intelligent American if they had considered voting for Cornel West. Their answer was; “who?”. I wasn’t sure if it was a condescending “who” or the fact that they actually didn’t know who he was. I was afraid to ask because either answer would have led down a rabbit hole. Does the question of “who will be the next USA president” really matter? It is clear, to me at least, that they are NOT the ones in control.

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