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Nowadays, Canada’s corporate media are obsessed with claims that China is undermining Canada’s ‘democracy’ with deceptive interference.

The pundits and ‘experts’ who make these claims systemically ignore that Canadians are exposed to U.S. propaganda far more than propaganda emanating from any other jurisdiction. Canada’s public discourse oozes with American propaganda.

How many Canadians do you know who regularly watch China’s state broadcaster? On the other hand, how many do you know who regularly watch Fox News or CNN?

Although the major news organizations in the United States are not directly controlled by the U.S. government, they uncritically repeat and promote the U.S. government’s fantasies, especially in the realm of foreign policy.

Moreover, and as I explained in a recent article, most ‘foreign interference’ claims are based on little or no evidence. A recent Parliamentary report on alleged foreign interference in Canada amounted to little more than a recitation of unsubstantiated claims from CSIS, Canada’s main intelligence agency. As Courts have found repeatedly, CSIS has a remarkable propensity to lie.

This week, I talked about the foreign interference hysteria with Yves Engler of the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute. As Yves and I discussed, the release of Parliament’s heavily redacted foreign interference report coincided with CSIS receiving a whopping $656 million allocation from the federal budget.

If nothing else, the foreign interference hysteria is good for the intelligence business.

You can watch and listen to my discussion with Yves here:


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