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Elbe Day, April 25, 1945, is the day U.S. and Soviet troops met at the Elbe River in Germany, marking an historic step toward the end of WWII in Europe.

On April 25, I participated in an online discussion about reviving the spirit of Elbe Day. Never was the revival of that spirit more important than it is today.

Among other things, we talked about attempts by militarists to characterize today’s proponents of peace as ‘far-left’ and ‘far-right’ extremists. The truth is that those who support the escalation of the existentially dangerous war in Ukraine are the true extremists. Those of us who call for diplomacy and peace are the moderates.

You can watch and listen to our discussion here:

[Please note that there was an issue with the sound in the recording of the video below. The audio begins at around the 11-minute mark of the video.]


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  • Hans G Modlich

    No sound on the ELBE? Keen to see /hear it too.

    • Dimitri Lascaris

      Unfortunately, there was a problem with the sound for the first 11 minutes of the video. From that point on, the audio worked. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Eric

    Why were you bleeped out when you mentioned your involvement with the Green Party??

  • Flora D

    This was another very interesting article Dimitri, which schooled me about Crimea’s history. The photos are also a wonderful way to make it all real. And that military museum. Wow. The photos of the aftermath of Hiroshima are certainly chilling.
    I must say that I was Alarmed and shocked by your interview with Sergei. I wonder how prevalent his views are. His talking about the necessity for Russia to break up Ukraine is what warmongers in the West suggest is Russias goal.
    I really hope his opinion is that of an outlier. I suppose his views are representative of the “hawks”. Let’s hope that Putin is a moderate.

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