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A couple of weeks ago, while travelling in Lebanon, I decided to launch a weekly video presentation titled “Rant of the Week”.

The purpose of this exercise will be no more (and no less) than to blow off steam about the most recent cause of my righteous indignation. If nothing else, the experience promises to be cathartic for me.

Today, I published my second Rant of the Week. This one was delivered from the streets of Baghdad, Iraq, where I’m currently situated.

My first Rant of the Week was delivered from the streets of Beirut. It concerned Andrew Coyne, one of the most visible neocon pundits in Canada. You can find it here.

And so, with no further ado, I present to you my second Rant of the Week. I hope you’ll find it as cathartic as I did.




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  • Lee Hammond

    Robert Fisk “The Great War For Civilization, The Conquest of the Middle East”

  • Lee Hammond

    Norman Finkelstein “Gaza”

  • Eric Peter

    I think Andrew Coyne should have his own program called; “Opinions from the Cushy Couch”. Thanks for NOT being “on the couch”.

  • Eric Peter

    PS: You rant my heart and that of those of us who have not been brain-washed by the main-stream media.

  • Gregory Gillis

    Thank you Dimitri for your great work from the Middle East. Sadly, the CBC cannot even come close to your courage in travelling almost to Gaza itself to report. Like you said our government and those who support its devastation of Gaza are utterly bereft of human decency! Keep up the great work and stay safe!

  • Michael Fish

    excellent rant
    Maybe you will write the last few moments so I can send it around .
    The writing is superb.
    If that is too much to ask, I shall try to do it.
    Michael Fish

  • John Partyka

    Respectfully, I’m not sure your “thief A versus thief B” analogy can be applied to Israel & Palestine. Although I morally tend to support the underdog and the Palestinians are surely the oppressed, soldiers engaged in deadly struggle are both victims and murderers, since no one can know their personal moral integrity but them and they’re both involved in the same atrocity that destroys innocent non-combatants. In other words, we can fairly judge the actions of individuals but not their souls. I condemn the Israeli government for apartheid and genocide spanning 60+ years, but not Jews, nor Palestinians, nor their obedient soldiers. (Same goes for Russians and Ukrainians.)

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