From Baghdad, Iraq, My Rant of the Week

A couple of weeks ago, while travelling in Lebanon, I decided to launch a weekly video presentation titled “Rant of the Week”. The purpose of this exercise will be no more (and no [...]

Rant of the Week: Why Andrew Coyne embodies the worst of Canadian ‘journalism’

After spending ten days this month in occupied Palestine, I just had to rant about Andrew Coyne. Coyne is a regular commentator on the flagship political debate program of Canada’s national [...]

Genocide watch: a horror beyond words

On March 16, 2024, while travelling by vehicle from Tel Aviv to Eilat, I explored the border areas of Gaza. I visited Gaza’s border again, on March 18, during my return from Eilat to Tel [...]

Legal coalition accuses Canada of violating Genocide Convention and Charter

On behalf of three Canadian-Palestinians, the Coalition for Canadian Accountability in Gaza (CCAG) has issued a demand letter to Canada’s government. The substance of our clients’ [...]

Israel’s genocidal project is not confined to Gaza

On March 13-14, 2024, I visited the Jenin and Tulkarem refugee camps in occupied Palestine. Palestinian-Canadian artist Rehab Nazzal accompanied me. Together, we observed and documented an [...]

In Jenin, Israeli soldiers brutalize young men while using their mother as human shield

Today, I visited the Jenin and Far’a refugee camps in occupied Palestine. I was accompanied by Palestinian-Canadian artist Rehab Nazzal, who lives and works in another part of the occupied [...]

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