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During my recent visit to the south Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil (Lebanon’s “Capital of Resistance”), an Israeli drone struck the entrance to the town’s main hospital. The attack killed and wounded ten civilians.

I reported from the hospital several hours after the attack.

On the following day, I interviewed the Director of Civil Defence for south Lebanon. He is based in Bint Jbeil, and his name is Abdullah Nourredine.

According to Nourredine, Israel has repeatedly struck medical facilities and ambulances in south Lebanon since October of last year. It has also killed numerous medical workers.

Nourredine also reports that Israel is now attacking south Lebanon with white phosphorous “on a daily basis”.

One week after I interviewed Nourredine, Human Rights Watch issued a report accusing Israel of using white phosphorous in at least seventeen Lebanese municipalities since October of last year.

My full interview of Abdullah Nourredine can be watched and listened to here:

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