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This week, I spoke with Ali Abuminah, a Chicago-based, Palestinian-American journalist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada (EI).

EI covers the Palestinian struggle from a Palestinian perspective. Its coverage is comprehensive, and includes regular, expert analysis of the combat in the Gaza Strip.

During the interview, Ali and I discussed the state of the war between Israel’s military and Palestinian militants in Gaza, as well as Israel’s mounting economic woes and the apartheid state’s international isolation.

According to Ali, Israel has already been defeated. The massive civilian casualties that its military forces continue to inflict on Palestinians cannot conceal that reality.

Ali’s assessment accords with my own, which I set forth in a two-part analysis in November of last year titled “Israel, America’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ is sinking”. (Part 1 of that analysis is here and Part 2 is here.)

You can watch and listen to my discussion with Ali here:

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