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In my latest Rant of the Week, I considered it my duty to castigate 23 privileged, Zionist lawyers who’ve tried to destroy the careers of pro-Palestinian law students at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU).

On May 31, after a meticulous investigation prompted by false accusations of anti-Semitism, a former Chief Justice of Nova Scotia exonerated TMU law students who had signed a letter of unequivocal solidarity with Palestinians.

He found that they had not engaged in anti-Semitism and had not violated the university’s Code of Conduct.

The former Chief Justice, J. Michael MacDonald, also chastised the 23 elite lawyers who have vilified those students.

As I explain in my rant, none of this seems to have humbled those 23 lawyerly smear-artists.

You can watch and listen to my rant here:


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