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This morning, I learned that my application to participate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has been accepted following a successful appeal from a decision of a vetting committee.

My campaign team and I are overjoyed at this opportunity to fight for the values we hold dear: social and environmental justice, diversity, non-violence, and participatory democracy. We’re excited to be part of a diverse and dynamic field of candidates, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them during this race.

This process has proven that the Green Party does politics differently. Unlike the secretive vetting process used by other parties, I was given the identity of the vetting committee members and a list of their concerns. During my appeal, I was given the opportunity to submit a written statement, and to participate in a candid discussion with the appeal commitee.

I applaud the appeal committee’s decision to place its trust in party members. This outcome sends a strong message to progressives across this country that the Green Party is the home of grassroots democracy. I encourage everyone in this country who wants to be part of a progressive, democratic party to join the Green Party today.

I’d like to thank the many party members who spoke passionately about the need for a fair process. I am also grateful to my fellow candidates, who offered their support both publicly and privately. This party’s commitment to democracy and collaboration runs deep.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my partner and two children, who were a source of strength for me during the appeal process.

From today our campaign moves forward, more ready than ever to champion the causes of social, environmental, and economic justice in Canada and around the world.

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  • Rami El Mawed

    Congratulations Mr. Lascaris! What a relief!

  • violabailey

    Most wonderful news Dimitri! Your appeal is a first of many wins to come. I feel the “winds of change” ✌️

  • lonely rico

    Bravo. Great news! I will join the party today.

  • Dustcircle

    Congrats! You’ll do well.

  • Free All

    My faith in the Green Party has been restored.

  • Joseph Somers

    At 84 Years of Age and once an avid supporter of the old CCF/NDP but in the recent years I realized the Spirit of Social Commitment to the TRUTH of the PARTY was no longer a Priority to the back room Gang I was particularly Perturb and Disgusted by Incidents Some vetting other Executive mismanagement and collusion that weakened an already weak Party…With this Gentleman, Demitri Lascaris “NOW” in the Leadership race my attraction to the Green Party is Evidenced and if He is elected I think a commitment by me will follow

    Thank You and keep the Faith Demitri

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