Israel will not stop Freedom Flotilla 2024

Today, after Guinea-Bissau’s strong-man acceded to Israel’s request that it withdraw its flag from two of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s vessels, organizers of the Freedom Flotilla [...]

Will Turkey’s ‘pro-Palestinian’ President succumb to Western pressure?

On April 23, 2024, I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey to join the Freedom Flotilla’s urgent mission to Gaza. Upon my arrival, I learned that hundreds of activists from around the world had [...]

Israel dangerously exposed after Iranian drone and missile attacks

This week, as the world waited for Israel’s military response to Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile strikes, I spoke with geopolitical analyst, Laith Marouf. A controversial [...]

War with Iran looms

This past week, I gave two interviews regarding Israel’s recent destruction of Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus. As I explained in each interview, Israel’s attack [...]

Trudeau’s ‘online harms’ bill threatens free speech

Earlier this year, the U.S., British and Canadian governments announced that they were “deeply concerned” about “foreign information manipulation”. According to the CBC: [...]

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