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I spoke this week with Chris Cook of Gorilla Radio (CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, B.C.) about the Green Party of Canada’s leadership race and the COVID-19 crisis.

As I explained to Chris, if Canada’s government were truly committed to the principles of equality and sustainability, it would have taken decisive steps to resolve homelessness, poverty and the climate emergency long ago, and it would not have waited for an unprecedented crisis to greatly expand the social safety net and to fund the restoration of our planet’s health.

You can listen to our discussion here (my discussion with Chris begins at 38:25 of the podcast):

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  • Youri

    great interview as always Dimitri, I hope the campaign is going well. curious has the CBC, CTV, Global or local CBC news been covering the leadership race of the Green Party and will Canada’s version of CSPAN be covering the leadership race, debates, convention and invite you all to talk, because I’d love to see that.

    • dimitrilascaris

      Unfortunately, Youri, there has been very little coverage of the Green Party leadership race in the mainstream media. This is likely due in large part to the fact that the MSM is highly preoccupied by coverage of the COVID-19 crisis.

      • Youri Smouter

        that’s a real pity! Well luckily I think a Green Party Member whose interviewed most if not all the leadership candidates has interviews of you and others on youtube which I plan to watch and I really enjoy the livestream you do, they deserve views in the thousands though which is my only complaint but its not your fault hehe! until then I hope to get in touch with you again before the votes take place and discuss more policy ideas you have. till then keep up the great work and look forward to what your livestream has in stored for us tonight 🙂 .

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