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Annamie Paul’s resignation is the right decision for the Green Party of Canada.
Public life is challenging, and I am encouraged to hear of Ms. Paul’s determination to contribute in other ways to the betterment of our society. I wish her the best in her future endeavours.
Now is the time for the Greens to focus on unity and strengthening the Party. More than ever, Canada’s Green Party is needed in the struggle for climate and social justice.
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  • Sharon Howarth

    Canadians, all of Canada, need a voice to speak up about what must be said. Dimitri that is what you are excellent at doing.

    People have fought for decades to put the Green party front and centre and covered by the media. That point had been reached. I applaud the work and effort that’s gone into Green Left Canada but I cannot see how it, in the short amount of time needed, do what an appropriate leader of the Green party can do, in the short amount of time that is needed. I think you have the following within the Green party membership and those that would come back if you ran for the leader ship. What are your thoughts on running as leader.?

    Media coverage of the Green party. Canadians Are waiting for someone like you who has the skill and ability and knowledge to speak up about what matters. The citizens of this planet need you.

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