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On International Human Rights Day 2022 (December 10), I participated, along with Montreal-based human rights activist Jafrikayiti, in a discussion about Canada’s complicity in the suffering of the Haitian people. In the course of my intervention, I challenged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s declaration that human rights are one of his “top priorities”, and I also explained why I focus my human rights advocacy on the human rights abuses of Canada and its ‘allies’.

You can watch and listen to our full intervention here:


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  • Youri Smouter

    great event, well done Dimitri, always a treasure to listen to you, and you along with Jean Saint-Vil, Barbara Waldern, Janine of World Beyond War and Maya to and that wonderful Haitian-Quebecer poet all of you were just wonderful. keep up the brilliant work Dimitri your a compassionate gentleman and an inspiraiton.

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