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In advance of my upcoming journey to Russia, the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War held a webinar on March 18, 2023 in which I discussed with fellow peace activists my reasons for travelling to Russia now, in a time of war. After my opening remarks, we engaged in a lively and thoughtful Q&A. Among other subjects, we debated the causes and legality of the invasion, as well as the U.S. government’s hegemonic agenda. The recording of our entire discussion is can be watched here:


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    The arguments are weak, many of the things said are opinions based on airy notions and idealisms and false or unproven equivalencies. You want a ‘both sides’ approach, but spend your time trying to counter the dominant narrative by bringing critical analysis to just one actor, and sensationalizing the nuclear threat to Canadians to try to fearmonger support for a ‘just give them what they want’ solution.

    ‘My suspicion, this may or may not be unfounded’– imagine a journalist leading off with such a qualifer before criticizing something.

    I would say not to worry though, Dimitri, your keen interest in Putin propaganda will likely ensure you have a safe trip through Russia while expressing your opinions… unlike many of the Russian people who’ve lost the right to use a direct and honest voice (it’s bizarre to see you act like Russia is a free democracy where large groups of people involved in public debate have more choices than Putin or jail).

    Maybe you can ask them how they feel about Memorial being a Nazi rehabilitationist group? Clearly you’re going to get honest, informed answers.

    There needs to be transparency and we need to cut through monolithic narratives, but this isn’t it. I’d really like to see someone critical of Western involvement who brings facts for their claims, doesn’t parrot the aggressor’s talking points uncritically, and who receives some pushback from the question period (or better yet, live debate with peers instead of a platform for rhetoric).


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