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On April 3, 2023, while in Moscow, I joined Yves Engler on Canadian Foreign Policy Hour to discuss the latest pro-NATO propaganda published by a Canadian University. With the obvious goal of persuading Canadian policymakers to intensify the already unprecedented level of censorship in this country, the authors of this ‘study’ claim that “far left” and “far right” Twitter accounts are disseminating pro-Russian disinformation. There’s just one problem: their ‘study’ proves no such thing.

I also responded to allegations that it’s wrong for me to travel to Russia while its government is waging what my critics say is a war of aggression. The hypocrisy of this argument is stunning. In the post World War II period, few if any states have violated international law and human rights as relentlessly as the United States government, and yet no one has ever suggested to me that travelling to the United States for non-essential reasons is wrong.

In any event, travelling to a country does not necessarily signify agreement with its government’s policies or conduct, as any rational and objective observer understands. I have come to Russia to learn more about a country against which Canada and its NATO allies are waging an existentially dangerous war. Refusing to engage in dialogue with Russians who support their government is a recipe for disaster.


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  • Sandy

    Hi Dimitri
    Your claim that the US is more aggressive than Russia, set me to wondering if some organization keeps tabs on all the violations of international law, and human rights abuse cases for each country?

  • Jim Christiansen

    If you get to Crimea, I recommend getting in touch with Regis Tremblay, an American filmmaker who has been living there for years.
    In the Donbass, Patrick Lancaster, Graham Phillips, and Russel “Texas” Bentley have been living and reporting from there since at least 2014.
    Safe travels and keep up the good work.

  • Pete Kirby

    Excellent program Dimitri….and so bloody important! Keep it coming!!

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