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This week, on the German independent media outlet AcTVism Munich, I argued that NATO and its Ukrainian proxy are losing the war against Russia in every sense – militarily, economically and diplomatically – and that NATO is on the verge of suffering yet another humiliating defeat.

Things have gotten so bad for NATO that it is even losing the information war, which until recently was the one dimension of this multi-faceted, world-historical conflict in which NATO had consistently outperformed the Russian government.

You can watch and listen to my discussion with Zain Raza here:




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  • Lee Hammond

    Thank you Dimitri; I would like to hear more from you about Niger, Burkino faso and Mali.

  • Peter Bergmanis

    The delusion is that even if Ukraine “compromises” its sovereignity, Putin’s Russia will be satisfied. Ukraine aside, now former neutral countries are clammering to join NATO. Labelling Ukraine as rife with neo-fascists, completely ignores the El Duce in Moscow. Ukraine will never offer up its people for comfortable peace in Canada Dimitri. Neither should any democracy seeking people

    • Dimitri Lascaris

      You have no evidence whatsoever to support your claim that “Putin’s Russia” will not be satisfied. Peter, you are a straight-up Russophobe and a binge-drinker of the NATO Kool-Aid.

  • Terry Lawrence

    Thanks for your well informed and thoughtful analysis, Dimitri. I have also been watching the US/UK/NATO war against Russia and China develop since the dissolution of the USSR, with the aim of locking in a US monopoly on military, political, and economic power in the world. It was all spelled out in the Neo-con “Project for a New American Century” which among other things called for the US to prevent at any cost Ukraine and Russia from getting together again and, if that was not possible, then to start a war between them with the aim of destroying Ukraine so it would constitute a burden on the Russian economy for decades.

  • David Gutnick

    This is if course nothing but speculation, a random mush mash of truths, half truths and simply made up stuff to answer extreme awkward questions.

    Dimitri shows himself to be very graciously, very polite, which is in normal circumstances are nice social graces, but here, Dimitri the lawyer/blogger should have realized that this was lose-lose territory. No matter what his crystal ball tells him, Maître Lescaris has no clue as to what is happening in the battlefield nor why will happen behind the scenes at the Saudi Arabia summit and so to save himself future embarrassment should have just refused to do this interview as it was amateur hour, speculation gone mad.

    Well there was one positive thing that came out if these 19 minutes (19 minutes of my life that I will never get back!) The USA has jurists Rudi Guliani, Sydney Powell and John Eastman who publicly did themselves in, we Canadians have Dimitri Lescaris, our own public tragedy.

  • Christopher Alemany

    I have never regretted voting, until I voted for Dimitri Lascaris for Green Party leader and he turned around and became an apologist and mouthpiece for a brutal, genocidal, child kidnapping, authoritarian regime in Moscow. It is fine to rail against NATO and US imperialism and advocate against war but if while doing so you drop your morals at the Kremlin’s doorstep, then you have no morals at all. You’re just a grifter.

    • Dimitri Lascaris

      Do you even know what a “grifter” is? A grifter receives money dishonestly. No one has paid me to take the position I have taken with respect to the NATO proxy war in Ukraine. In fact, taking this position has cost me money. Therefore, however you may feel about my position with respect to NATO’s depraved proxy war in Ukraine, you have no basis for calling me a “grifter”. Moreover, if you support what NATO is doing in Ukraine, then I don’t want your vote. Take it back. Keep it. Vote for someone else. I renounce your support.

  • Waldemar

    Besides censors you are a huge Troll Magnet. Clearly you must be doing something right!

  • Pete Kirby

    Bravo, Dimitri…..keep it up!
    …but ignore Bergmanis..who’s wrong and Gutnick..who’s full of shit!

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